Tucker Carlson red-flags Obama’s disinformation speech: He’s not liberal, he’s a full-blown fascist who hates you

(Video: Fox News)

Former President Barack Obama has been making the rounds addressing concerns of so-called “disinformation,” and his latest remarks have Fox News host Tucker Carlson arguing the former leader of the free world may have outed himself as “not liberal at all,” but rather as “a full-blown fascist.”

On Friday’s episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the host brought up a recent address that Obama had given at Stanford University’s Cyber Policy Center. During an event, hosted in part by the Obama Foundation, the president gave a keynote address on “Challenges to Democracy in the Digital Information Realm.”

“Barack Obama gave a big speech at Stanford yesterday on ‘disinformation,'” Carlson began the segment. “Now, like the Atlantic magazine’s conference on disinformation at the University of Chicago,” which Obama had also attended, “the conference was all about promoting disinformation, but because self-awareness has been banned, nobody noticed. Obama argued that only his political opponents lie and they must be stopped immediately.”

“People like [Russian President Vladimir] Putin, and Steve Bannon for that matter, understand it’s not necessary for people to believe this information in order to weaken democratic institutions,” the former president is heard saying in an excerpt of his speech. “You just have to flood a country’s public square with enough raw sewage, you just have to raise enough questions, spread enough dirt, plant enough conspiracy theorizing, that citizens no longer know what to believe.”

“Oh, so people who disagree with Barack Obama aren’t just saying things that are wrong,” Carlson raised his voice in feigned rage to emphasize, “they’re flooding raw sewage into our country. So this guy is not just liberal, in fact, he’s not liberal at all, he’s a full-blown fascist who hates you and wants to keep you from talking, or else.”

He went on to mock the former president’s slogan of “Hope and Change” and those who voted for those fake ideals before pointing out what Obama has always been after: “He wants censorship of anyone who disagrees with him, and now he just comes out and says it.”

The next clip demonstrated just that with Obama saying, “While content moderation can limit the distribution of clearly dangerous content, it doesn’t go far enough. Users who want to spread disinformation have become experts at pushing right up to the line of what, at least published, company policies allow. And at those margins, social media platforms tend not to wanna do anything, not just because they don’t want to be accused of censorship, because they still have a financial incentive to keep as many users engaged as possible.”

The former president isn’t the only one who has come under fire for this rank hypocrisy while supposedly decrying “disinformation.” CNN’s Brian Stelter, who, like Obama, was at the University of Chicago’s “Disinformation and the Erosion of Democracy” conference was called out by a freshman journalist for spreading falsehoods on his network.

After being asked by the Chicago Thinker’s Christopher Phillips about how mainstream media, and especially CNN, make mistakes that favor Democrats and if the public is “expected to believe that this is all just some sort of random coincidence or is there something else behind it,” Stelter deflected.

“Too bad, time for lunch,” he attempted to joke before ignoring the claims and accusing rival network Fox News of doing what Phillips accused CNN of. This behavior which continues to be demonstrated by those on the left, especially as ownership of Twitter continues to be challenged in a way that may stop censorship on the platform, left Carlson to conclude there is only one outcome the president and his allies are after.

“So, me and my friends at the Aspen Institute need to be in complete control of every word uttered or else it’s not democracy. That’s the case he’s making. That’s the case they’re all making,” he said.


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23 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson red-flags Obama’s disinformation speech: He’s not liberal, he’s a full-blown fascist who hates you

  1. Obama is what he has been from the beginning, a Marxist and a Black Power radical.

  2. Why is the above poster allowed to advertise on this site. We get tired of the promotion of what appears to be a scam! The poster needs to find a way to pay for the advertising, instead of stealing it here.

  3. I agree, Tucker. I can’t stand to listen to Obama speak, nor Squint’s mumbling.

  4. Smoked some bad sh!t in his time & still does. Can only repeat neomarxist lies.
    First. Marijuana displaces l-glutamine (a food for the brain for thinking) from the brain, resulting in confused thinking, bizarre illogical behavior & illogical decision making.
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  5. Where did his wedding ring go?? You know, the one he’s been wearing since his college days!

  6. Unfortunately Obozo is still running the country, his third term using Joe Biden to fundamentally transforming America into a third world sh!thole. He calls that equal playing field.

  7. In 2011, B. Hussein Obama launched an “Attack Watch” department to supplement his Ministry of Truth, which was created to counteract “unfavorable stories”. His media tools at MSNBC were all too glad to oblige. One notable event took place during an MSNBC ‘Morning Joe’ broadcast, which featured a discussion of the White House targeting Fox News. An email arrived from the White House on the air to ‘correct them’ about an exchange between former WH spokesperson Robert Gibbs and Jake Tapper. One of the commentators, Mika Brezinsky actually made the ‘correction’.

  8. Told you all. 12 yrs ago ,this bastard is on a mission to destroy the USA
    Told you he is the puppeteer for dementia Biden .
    He even said he wanted to run another term !
    Told you killery s lose to President Trump stopped Obama ass s plans .
    Told you the elections were rigged to put Obama ass back on his mission .
    Fkjbiden was put in office as a weak puppet and obama ass is the puppeteer.

  9. AS far as true HATE, I HATE this Anti colonist American hating asswipe. The son of a whore, a worthless POS.

  10. Democrats are very effective at getting all opposing views-seen as disinformation by Russia or Chinese, or just “nut jobs on the right”. Democrats always have to create a “Boogeyman” for their “Sheeple” in their party, ands mainstream media – to hate and blame for everything. It is working very well in this country, if it were not, there would be a whole lot less brain dead and brainwashed Democrats, and a whole lot more Republicans-Think about it – who is winning the PR wars- I think Democrats are, because Republicans let themselves be attacked every single day from all directions and do virtually nothing to counter or rebuttal all the disinformation.

  11. So Carlson’s just now figuring this out? It’s been obvious for years to anyone with a keen bullshit detector.

  12. obama is getting rich making those speeches. sad state of affairs in this country.

    1. It is called money laundering. In this case it is your tax dollars being laundered. Favors need repayment and bruck obamy has called in the markers after his worthless presidency!

  13. It was nice having a President with ballls for four years and a First Lady without them

  14. This coming from one of the great liars of all time. No, I didn’t get to keep my healthcare, and no, I didn’t get to keep my doctor, and No my costs did not go down, they doubled under Obamacare, for less coverage. And yes, I did build my business by myself.. It is not possible to believe a word that man says. If he would tell me the sun was shining, I would have to go outside to check to mak sure. This is the man who set race relations back in the US by 60 years, by himself. I would compare him to a piece of excrement, but that would be insulting excrement. Let’s go Brandon FJB

  15. King Obama is hateful.

  16. The weaponization of all the three letter agencies (the CIA, the FBI, the DOJ, the IRS, the DOE, and even the DOD) was begun under Obama and is now complete. That Obama and all the media is calling for outright censorship at the same time that we still have dozens of American citizens locked up unconstitutionally (without due process or bail) in a D.C. gulag for essentially trumped up trespassing charges for Jan. 6 should terrify every American. We are becoming the CCP.

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