‘Amazing coincidence!’ SEC and DOJ swoop in to investigate Tesla as Musk mulls Twitter takeover; report

Here’s a story that should shock absolutely no one.

After Thursday’s surprise announcement by Elon Musk that he was offering to buy Twitter lock, stock, and barrel for a cool $43 billion, now there’s news that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) are opening an investigation into both Tesla and Elon Musk, including how he acquired his controlling stake in Twitter.

The news was first reported by Fox Business’s Charles Gasparino.

Gasparino elaborated on the investigation on Neil Cavuto’s “Your World.”

“[Musk] is under investigation,” he explained. “A joint investigation, by the DOJ and the SEC over lots of stuff, including some of the stuff involving how he went about accumulating his shares on Twitter and how he disclosed that, whether he properly disclosed his intentions—which was obviously a full takeover—also some of this stuff with Tesla, you know, disclosures there…”

“It’s a joint investigation, it’s serious, I’m not saying a lot of these investigations turn up nothing. They’ve been looking at him for a long time, so you would think by now they’d have something, but they’re clearly—I spoke with a source, very close to it, who says it’s a serious investigation by the DOJ and the SEC into all those matters,” Gasparino added.

(Video: Fox News)

How convenient. And more than a few sarcastic wits on Twitter itself weren’t exactly amazed at the serendipitous timing.

With the Left firmly entrenched in power, controlling both the “hard power” institutions in Washington and the “soft power” platforms like Twitter, it should come as no surprise that the instruments of that control, such as the SEC and DOJ, would quickly be deployed to help secure its grip on the mechanisms of free speech.

But Elon Musk is, presumably, not a stupid man, and was fully aware that he and his business dealings would come under ferocious “investigation” by the usual suspects.

After all, Musk has been under “investigation” by the SEC since at least 2018—something he likened to “having a gun to your child’s head” at a TED talk Thursday.

“So I was forced to concede to the SEC unlawfully,” he said. “Those bastards.”

Which means that, by now, Musk likely understands that even if the SEC and DOJ investigation is unlawful and launched under false pretenses, and comes to nothing, the process, as they say, is the punishment.

As Buck Sexton observed, “the entire Left will circle the wagons to stop [Musk’s Twitter takeover].”

They certainly will. As Charlie Gasparino observed, “Elon is everything that the progressive Left of Silicon Valley, you know, isn’t—he’s for free speech, he would reinstate Trump I think tomorrow if he were running it…he’s an absolutist on free speech, and it’s actually commendable…it’s the last thing Twitter, in its current management, wants.”

Meanwhile, it remains to be seen if Twitter accepts Musk’s offer, and what he’ll do if they refuse it. During Thursday’s TED talk, Musk teased that he had a “Plan B” waiting in the wings. Either way, his attempt at a Twitter takeover seems to be part of his broader strategy for the future of humanity, in which his Tesla and SpaceX companies already play an important role.

“Having a public platform that is maximally trusted and broadly inclusive is extremely important to the future of civilization,” Musk said.

Ain’t that the truth.


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21 thoughts on “‘Amazing coincidence!’ SEC and DOJ swoop in to investigate Tesla as Musk mulls Twitter takeover; report

  1. We don’t need any stinking social media platform in order for civilization to survive. Seems civilization has been going downhill with the advent of social media.
    Stay away from social media.
    Now that’s freedom.

  2. It’s another Russian conspiracy…. again???
    Time for We The People to rise up and take control from this corrupt system of Weaponized Alphabet Agencies?😡
    Vote Informed! Vote Responsible! Cull the Dead Wood from Congress!

  3. The Democrats are weaponizing all their corrupt agencies to stop him from taking control of their censored free speech platform. The leftists are getting worried now.

  4. Another “bombshell” report. Geez, so tired of the left with the garbage they come out with.

  5. It’s time to kick-off this next Civil War and show these filthy libs just how big and violent this bear is that they’ve been poking.

    That includes every single intelligence agency, and most law enforcement who apparently think it’s wise to carry water for the dims. I assure you it’s not.

  6. Hillary Clinton and the DNC was just fined for hundreds of thousand dollars for corruption. The democrats will do anything to steer away from the corruption within the Democratic Party.

  7. It’s just a diversion away from the corrupted president of this country and his crackhead son.

  8. Maybe Washington Post can do a fact check on how dangerous it is for some rich guy to own a media outlet

  9. Is there any doubt who the threat to the United States really is? Hint: It’s not Republicans.

  10. Amazing isn’t it?…in today’s ClownWorld that the obvious goodness of unfettered free speech to allow “opposing” views to be expressed….has caused such backlash? I am old enough to remember this phrase when USA was still a free democratic society–> “I may not agree with what you say, but will fight to the death your RIGHT to say it“. In today’s world, it has changed to the woke, liberal/left saying…. “You BETTER believe what I say you should believe, or be destroyed”. Quite a change……

  11. THIS is exactly what Dictators do when they feel threatened ! We are NOT living in a Democracy but we ARE living under a Authoritarian Dictatorship rum by a LUNATIC ! These people are Totally Corrupt and will go after Musk EVERY way they can to prevent Free Speech on the Twitter Platform !!

    1. the lunatic is not running anything his the front man. Who they can later blame for everything.

  12. Our federal law, justice & intelligence agencies are corrupt & complicit. Our government…. She’s-a-broke……. She’s-a-no good!

  13. This is our corrupt SEC and DOJ going after someone they don’t like. It’s been clear from the start of this illegal administration that all those hired would be corrupt, and yet Demoncrats and Republicans vote for these people. We do not have a Congress anymore, we have a mafia who is the Congress. If anyone hasn’t figured out by now what a corrupt administration this is, then you are living in la-la land like Biden. They don’t go after the law-breakers they go after the innocents.

    1. It’ll be interesting to see, should we get Trump back in, or someone with his general mindset and strength, what’s done to cut those departments down to size.

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