‘Unadulterated evil’: Colorado Gov Polis signs ‘deeply sick’ and disturbing abortion law

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In the latest ghoulish iteration of leftism, Colorado Gov. Jared Polis has signed a bill into law that allows for abortions up to birth and seemingly has zero restrictions in its language.

An initial report from Bloomberg said the ceremony in Denver on Monday included Polis’s statement that  “a woman’s reproductive rights” had been reaffirmed by the new law. Of course, nowhere in the Constitution nor the Bill of Rights is it enumerated that women have the right to abortions, though the Left continually paints it that way.

The Reproductive Health Equity Act appears to be an attempt to get out in front of the possible overturning of Roe v. Wade, a ruling that Justice Clarence Thomas himself maintains was wrongly decided and exists “without a shred of support” from the U.S. Constitution. His comments were part of his dissent in the ruling of a Louisiana law struck down by the four liberal justices – who were joined true-to-form by Chief Justice John Roberts – that required doctors performing abortions to obtain admitting privileges at nearby hospitals, BPR reported in 2020.

The law denies rights and protections for any “fertilized egg, embryo or fetus” up to birth, but declares abortion to be a “fundamental right” under state law. It also prevents the banning of abortions through local city ordinances, as has been achieved in other states such as Texas, according to LifeNews.

The most disquieting part of the bill, pro-lifers in the state say, is the removal of any requirement that parents of minors be notified by clinic personnel if a youth is seeking an abortion.

Lawmakers fought heavily over House Bill 1279, but Republicans did not get the votes to block it in the Democrat-majority state legislature. Pro-life, Republican, evangelical Christian and Catholic organizations all rallied in their attempts to stop the bill from moving forward, including Catholic Archbishop Samuel Aquila of Denver who testified in a state Senate hearing on the matter.

“We take the gift of life seriously because each human being is a unique creation of God the Father,” Aquila said. “… The government’s only duty and task is to recognize the right to life and to protect life, if it is truly a just government.”

Students from Colorado Christian University also testified against the passage of the bill at a state House committee hearing in March.

“Each person is made in the image of God,” student Emily Downs told the committee. “We want to support everyone involved in this situation: baby, mom and dad.”

According to the Colorado Catholic Conference, the law:

  • Allows on-demand abortion for the full 40 weeks of pregnancy;
  • Allows abortion discrimination based on sex, race, or disability;
  • Could remove the parent notification requirement if their minor has an abortion;
  • Enshrines in law that “a fertilized egg, embryo, or fetus does not have independent or derivative rights under” state law;
  • Prohibits regulation of abortion based on the health of the woman or her baby


As a very liberal – some might say radically left – state, Colorado’s political landscape has made it extraordinarily difficult for any pro-life legislation to pass, and it has boasted in the past that abortions are allowed through the third trimester.

Voters in the state have previously rejected bills put forth that would punish criminals who murder unborn babies – by accident or not – in cases unrelated to an actual abortion. They also rejected a 2020 bill that would have banned late-term abortions after 22 weeks of pregnancy and could have protected “viable, pain-capable” fetuses, LifeNews reported.


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67 thoughts on “‘Unadulterated evil’: Colorado Gov Polis signs ‘deeply sick’ and disturbing abortion law

  1. Fine. Let’s legalize post-birth abortion for 2 weeks and start at Polis’ desk. Afterwards we can make sure that the unborn have the same right to life, liberty and happiness everyone is supporting to have, and make sure that the “right” to drop your drawers and commit murder to avoid any responsibility is NOT a constitutional right.

  2. Murder is legal in Colorado now. However, you must not shoot the ‘fetus’. It can only be ripped out in accordance with the law. What sickens me are, 1) women allow this to happen to a child, and 2) a physician who’s taken an oath to help people can justify taking a life and leaving behind a woman who is either ignorant of what she’s doing or suffering from mental illness.

  3. Murder, what else can this be called? The Devil walks the Earth, and he seems to be winning. America needs to wake up fast, and vote this evil the hell out of office.

  4. Evil has consumed everything, as perdicted in the Bible. But yet, most people deny, ignore or laugh at the Bible, as the actions of people follow Revelations chapter by chapter. Can’t wait for the ENDING. I’m secure. How about you.

  5. Colorado, you reap what you sow. You voted for this POC, Plus your two Senators. Maybe we should look at some election fraud in Colorado? Are you people now high all the time? I know there’s a lot of Hispanic people that live in the state. Have you forsaken your Catholic faith?

    1. That is why they legalized weed, to kill all their ambition and inhibition and to allow horrors like this.

    1. It seems that in the end there will be a special colony in hell called “Nuevo Colorado”, populated by all the former citizens of this Colorado who made this atrocity possible.
      And all the dead and murdered babies, victims of this evil, will look down in pity and sorrow at such a deliberate and calculated horror of what mankind can foist on its own vulnerable and innocent children.
      Thanks, Meghan, for your thoughtful outrage at this despicable enactment into Colorado law/

  6. This is ph’ ucking wrong and it is evil…and there will be consequences for this type of behavior…the left are going after the kidds at all ages and then some…

  7. How many ANTI-abortion laws would be rolled out IF a law was passed that a PREGNANT WOMAN could VOTE as HERSELF AND HER BABY or BABIES??? The dems would be slinging out bills like no one’s business!!

  8. So the “Hon.” Gov. Polis has again shown his lack of humanity. The only reason government exists is to protect its citizens. As with most democrats. Polis has violated his oath and his right to continue in his position. It is time to “abort” some of our own home grown terrorists.

  9. While I believe in choice for women, purely based on the fact that backdoor abortions are dangerous. However this is absolutely disgusting, to give freedom to abort up to 40 weeks and then what, just watch the baby die? How do they plan to murder them? At 40 weeks you must give birth. This is appalling and against ethical treatment of any patient unless the mothers life is at stake. Democrats are truly evil.

    1. Good question. What are they going to do? Poison the baby then deliver it or are they going to deliver it and put it in some back room and let it die of thirst and starvation? Are they going to smother it with a pillow? WTF!

    2. Just a thought that came to me. Whose the real patient. Used to be that a mother would die for their child if necessary to save the childs life.

  10. DemocRATS f’ing suck!

    I can’t wait for the next Civil War so I can shoot as many of these filthy MF’ers as I can before they’re back cowering in their pathetic little closets.

  11. Based on this law, the Columbine High School shooting, and the Boulder movie theater shooting weren’t murders at all. They were simply post-birth abortions. Think about it, in both instances the person performing the execution didn’t ask the victims if they were ok with the decision.

    1. Its all about word games and perspective. You bring up a very good point. All they have to do is want to justify violence brought about on a weaker victim. ONce thats established then just play with the words to pervert their true objective.

  12. This governor will Have To Account for His Actions in Front of The Ultimate Judge come Judgement Day. I feel sorry for this soulless individual

  13. If liberals and serial baby mommas want to abort their spawn, maybe we, and the babies they would raise, are better off if they do.

  14. So if you kill someone in Colorado, you can claim that you were doing an abortion after birth.

  15. I’m a republican living in the blue state of Colorado. It feels like my vote doesn’t count. I won’t stop voting. Too many liberals have infiltrated this state

  16. It’s BAD enough that this guy is a DERANGED MURDERER, BUT, we should also KNOW WHO’S idea this was, WHO drafted the “legislation” and WHO in the Colorado Government voted for it ! Name names and put an end to ALL the careers of the mass murderers calling themselves “representatives” of the people of the State. These LUNATICS MUST be dealt with. WHAT kind of a Society are we to allow this to happen?

  17. He will see the pits of Hell for it. Judges is quite clear on leaders and teachers. How disgustinf to license murder.

  18. In 1980 while I was doing a rotation at an Army Hospital in central Texas as part of my 1st year pediatric residency I was called to obstetrics to assist with a spontaneous abortion which is better known as a miscarriage. This means that the pregnancy was not being terminated as in an elective abortion, but the fetus for some reason was being expelled by the mother’s uterus. It is not something the mother wanted, but it was happening naturally. My job was to take the fetus and make it as comfortable as I could while it died. I held in my hands a 13 week old fetus which moved and made attempts to breath, but it did not have lungs that were developed enough to survive outside the womb. The parents were distraught and I had to explain to them that there was nothing I could do because even if I had an endo-tracheal tube small enough to intubate the fetus, the lungs could not do any oxygen exchange. I wrapped the fetus in a surgical towel and watched the parent hold and hug their almost baby until it finally died. I will never forget that picture and writing about it over 40 years later still brings tears to my eyes. The Governor and Legislators of Colorado and all Pro-Choice people need to see the results of abortion and hold those fetuses in their hands and then tell me they made the right choice. If they still feel they made the right decision then we as a civilization have lost our humanity.

  19. Just like the NY legislature did by standing up and cheering their version of such a law about 3 years ago, when it passed into law. I think VA has something close too…..the downfall of this country is truly underway.

  20. They can’t say a thing about Russias actions against Ukraine civilians when they are harming innocent babies.

  21. The only conclusion I can draw from this is that these far leftist Democraps want to kill as many babies as they possibly can. If they had their way, they would kill all of them, including after they are born. I’m beginning to think they love infanticide as much as they love abortion.

    The idea that abortion is a “right” is utter absurdity. In this country rights are granted by God, not by the government. The Constitution does not grant any rights. It only enumerates those God given rights that the government cannot take away. I don’t see God granting the right to abortion anywhere.

  22. We have to suffer a tweet from Meghan McCain? McCain, you side with these perverts more times than not, so please, keep your thoughts to yourself.

    1. LOOK………I don’t like her or her politics the least bit……….BUT……….She’s 100% right this time !! It may very well be the ONLY time she’s ever going to be right……BUT SHE IS !

  23. My views on abortion are changing, perhaps post birth abortion is the way to go!
    Of course, there would have to be some limitation, such as it must be at least 18 years post birth and be a Leftard, no further restrictions needed!

  24. Infanticidal, Marxist Scamdemocrats support, fund & operate all the abortion mills. Over a million beating hearts snuffed out each year. Most of them being of color. The leftists are responsible for more lost lives than Mao, Stalin & Adolph. Leftists in power are a plague on humanity. Absolutely everything they touch, turns to s***.

  25. This is the very definition of depravity and evil. This governor and contibuting others in CO will be ultimately held responsible by their maker.

    1. THAT is too far off. They MUST be dealt with by WE THE PEOPLE and the sooner the better !

    1. He’s a MONSTER by any definition of the word and should be treated like any MASS MURDERER !

  26. And yet if you go an kill a pregnant woman you will be tried for murdering both. And yet if a month walks out of hospital with her baby and later decides to kill it she will be tried or murder. They make no sense. They will all face final judgement so at this point we just have to believe God will deal with them.

    1. THAT will take too long !! These MONSTERS must be dealt with by the PEOPLE of this country and the sooner the better !

  27. Arse Spelunker Polis is a Sicko Freak. Conservatives in Colorado have No Voice.

  28. Unless you can prove to us that you are making that much money (bank statement showing these deposits and who it’s from), I’m flat out calling you a liar.

    1. Talk about irony. It is not even a case of the pot calling the kettle black. The people that we pathetically called liberals are not sick; they are evil.

      “Thou shalt not kill”, may God have mercy on their wicked souls. Could anything be more evil and to commit infanticide of the unborn?

      Only a leftists Ghoul, could pretend otherwise?

  29. Why has it become so important to certain people to kill our babies? They talk about “rights” of…..well, what about the “right” to live? The twisted thinking of those who are put into a position of power have been abused to the extent there is no longer any morals or ethics left. Ripping fetus’ from the wombs of women is their right?? Frankly, it would seem to me that preventing the pregnancy in the first place should be a priority. Ever since sex education became a priority in our schools, the rate of pregnancies increased. Can anyone explain why there have been over 62 million abortions performed in the U.S. since Roe v Wade? How is that possible? Those same people talk about “human atrocities” going on in other countries, well, what do you call this?

    1. These pro abortion monsters are no better than any country committing genocide. That includes Putin but even more evil is China

  30. When a person is convicted of murder and sentenced to death, they have council for their defense, and numerous appeals prior to their execution. In the case of abortion, the unborn child has NO advocate, no council for the defense, and no appeal process. I find this wrong. When any one person can decide the life or death of another without any due process, it is wrong. AND, anyone who would advocate for this is also wrong.

    1. Liberalism is a degenerative mental disorder, that only gets worse over time. The older they get – the more insane they become.

    2. Too many liberals moved into Colorado from California to get away from the liberal idiocy there. The problem is that they brought their own liberal idiocy with them.

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