Banks wants probe of alleged Putin-backed green groups’ influence on Biden decision-making

The Republicans have big plans for when they take back Congress in November…that is, if they take it back. And the latest news on that front is […]

‘Because he was also perfect’: Joy Behar invokes her messiah Obama in praising Ketanji Brown Jackson

  (Video Credit: The View) “The View’s” Joy Behar swooned over Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson on Wednesday claiming that she reminds her of former President […]

‘Good boy! good boy!: Two Philly men turn leashed dogs loose on family cat, cheer savage attack

Get the latest BPR news delivered free to your inbox daily. SIGN UP HERE In a ghastly incident that is perhaps yet another example of the random coarseness […]

Putin’s special envoy reportedly resigns over the invasion of Ukraine, flees Mother Russia

Get the latest BPR news delivered free to your inbox daily. SIGN UP HERE Anatoly Chubais, who is the architect of Russia’s post-Soviet economic reforms and is […]

Howard Stern declares Joe Biden ‘a great president,’ slams GOP as a party of ‘whackos’

Warning: Adult Language   SiriusXM radio shock jock Howard Stern took time during his Wednesday broadcast to praise the job that President Joe Biden is doing, but […]

Yes, they’re coming for your kids

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. We may be poised to appoint Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, an accused antisemite who has been […]

Trump retracts endorsement of ‘woke’ Mo Brooks in Ala. Senate race over remarks on 2020 election

Get the latest BPR news delivered free to your inbox daily. SIGN UP HERE Allegedly “woke” U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) has received some bad news from former […]

Watch: Ukrainians make ready for Russian attack on Odesa while jamming to Bon Jovi’s ‘It’s My Life’

Get the latest BPR news delivered free to your inbox daily. SIGN UP HERE (Video Credit: Photo News 247) A viral video has been making the rounds […]

Warren, Pressley other top Dems helped empower BLM activist indicted for fraud, as did media

Following the indictment of a high-profile Black Lives Matter activist, the question of culpability remains for influential Democrats who helped her accomplish her alleged crime. Monica Cannon-Grant, […]

Romney hits GOP colleagues for ‘off course’ attacks on Jackson, telegraphs support: No ‘there’ there

The Senate confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson are heating up. On Tuesday, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) grilled Jackson about her past leniency […]

Mary Katharine Ham schools Valerie Bertinelli for whining about Fox News

Valerie Bertinelli was schooled on Twitter after wondering how to get Fox News “removed” from cable services as if they are just going to drop the most […]

Mass. high school students asked to list ‘positive effects of imperialism’ in study of Africa

Confusing critical thinking for indoctrination, a Twitter activist had a meltdown after learning her younger sister was given an assignment on Imperialism that she said was “revisionism,” […]

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