Critics slam ‘anti-Islamophobia’ bill passed by the House

Laurel Duggan, DCNF The anti-Islamophobia bill passed in the House Tuesday was introduced by a representative with a history of anti-Semitic and has the potential to […]

California Democrat announces retirement after a decade in Congress

Andrew Trunsky, DCNF California Democratic Rep. Alan Lowenthal announced his retirement Thursday after a decade in Congress. Lowenthal, who was first elected to California’s Long Beach-based 47th […]

Two California teachers accused of carrying out clandestine transition

Harold Hutchison, DCNF Two teachers in a California school district are accused of coaching a student into coming out as transgender behind the backs of the student’s […]

‘This is what career politicians do’: Perdue ignored warning from GOP not to challenge Kemp

Sebastian Hughes, DCNF A majority of Georgia’s Republican state senators sent former Sen. David Perdue a letter to request that he not enter the 2022 gubernatorial race […]

Nike executives funneled money to Democrat who just blocked Uyghur forced labor bill

Thomas Catenacci, DCNF Several top Nike executives funneled than $60,000 to the re-election campaign of Democratic Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden over the course of just days […]

Kim Kardashian couldn’t care less about what working with Trump did to her image, she claims

Sebastian Hughes, DCNF Kim Kardashian revealed that she doesn’t care about the backlash she received for working with former President Donald Trump on criminal justice reform in […]

Alec Baldwin, Hilaria seen out after sheriff issues warrant for his cellphone

CHECK OUTWeThePeople.storeandWeThePeople.winefor holiday gifts and awesome snarky swag! Authorities have issued a search warrant for Alec Baldwin’s cellphone in the latest twist in the investigation of the […]

Biden scares Americans with winter of ‘death,’ asks SCOTUS to reinstate mandate for healthcare workers

CHECK OUT and for holiday gifts and awesome snarky swag! (Video Credit: The White House) President Joe Biden apocalyptically warned unvaccinated Americans on Thursday that […]

Deputy Press Secretary Jean-Pierre says Republicans are ‘explicitly rooting for inflation to get worse’

CHECK OUTWeThePeople.storeandWeThePeople.winefor holiday gifts and awesome snarky swag! Deputy White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre passed the buck for the failures of the Biden administration, taking aim […]

Two airline CEOs challenge mask mandates on planes

Laurel Duggan, DCNF Mask mandates do little, if anything, to make the air safer inside airplanes, two major air CEOs argued before Congress Wednesday. “I think the […]

What kind of an answer is that? Doocy asks why Biden is still saying you can’t spread COVID if you’ve had vax

CHECK OUTWeThePeople.storeandWeThePeople.winefor holiday gifts and awesome snarky swag! Days after President Joe Biden asked Americans “what’s the big deal” in his push for vaccines, Fox News’ Peter […]