Fmr. President Trump responds to claims Melania has no desire to return to White House

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(Video: Fox News)

Former President Donald Trump denied the “more fake news” about his wife Melania Trump during a Fox News interview.

Trump squashed rumors that have circulated that the former first lady is not relishing the idea of a White House comeback if he decides to run again in 2024 and wins a second presidential term.

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade spoke with Trump on Thursday, asking him directly about the claims.

“Is it true that the former first lady, Melania Trump, has told you ‘I’m not going back if you run again’?” he asked.

“No, that’s not true,” Trump said simply.

“That’s an interesting one. More fake news,” the 45th president chuckled, then repeated: “No, that’s not true.”

Trump went on to praise his wife, whom he married in 2005.

“She was a great first lady, she did a great job. She loves the people, they love her, I see how they love her,” he told Kilmeade. “But no, I will say this: We have to fix our country. Our country is going bad. We’re not going to have a country if we keep doing this.”

Rumors about Melania Trump’s alleged aversion to returning to political life was addressed by CNN in September. The network claimed a source noted that “Being first lady again is not what she wants.”

“You’re not going to see her at rallies or campaign events, even if he ‘officially’ says he’s running again,” another source reportedly told CNN. “Instead it’s going to be Lara (Trump, the wife of Trump’s son, Eric) or (Kimberly) Guilfoyle (the girlfriend of Trump’s eldest son, Don). They have that same urge Trump has to (run) again; Melania absolutely does not.”


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