DOT blasted over Build Back Better promo; critics argue meme broke federal law

A meme published by the Biden Department of Transportation is being blasted as straight-up propaganda by several people on social media, while others opined that it may have even violated federal law.

The meme was posted by the DoT on Friday and features a man and woman texting each other in bed from different locations to promote President Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda.

“What are you thinking about?” says the woman to the man.

He responds: “Iā€™m thinking about how the new infrastructure law is going to make getting from place to place so much better over the next decade and how when combined with the Build Back Better Act, it will create millions of new jobs.”

She replies: “Same,” adding a smiley face emoji.

There was no shortage of social media users who did not think the meme was funny or appropriate. *Caution: Adult Language.

“Girl, run away. Fast,” former Trump campaign lawyer Jenna Ellis tweeted.

Others joined in as well.

But others blasted the meme and the department for allegedly violating statutes regulating lobbying.

“This appears to be lobbying,” Chuck DeVore, a former California Assemblyman and vice president of the Texas Public Policy Foundation tweeted. “I didn’t think federal agencies were allowed to be so blatant in promoting specific legislation. The Secretary of Transportation can, of course, but the DOT’s official website? Seems unusual.”

Existing statutes prohibit government agencies from using federal funds to ‘lobby’ Congress and the general public in favor or in opposition to pending legislation before Congress, though it is not clear that the DoT tweet and meme meet the legal definitions contained in those statutes.

Jon Dougherty


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