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‘Well, I’m not gonna read it out’: Biden decides he’s not going to share what he’s about to sign

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More and more, President Joe Biden becomes a walking, breathing caricature of himself, and we saw a good example of this Wednesday when he was touring a General Motors plant and mumbled “gotta take orders” when told to stand on a blue marker on the ground, only to show he couldn’t as he blew right past it.

While such images only bolster growing concerns about Biden’s cognitive abilities, there’s a difference between that scenario and signing bills into law.

Eager to show any progress from his administration, the president was signing a series of bills at a ceremony Thursday in the White House State Room, when he gave life to the perception many critics have, which is that he is little more than a figurehead of a left-wing cabal working behind the curtain, tasked with reading whatever is placed before him or signing whatever they give him to sign.

After reading prepared opening remarks, where he did name the bills he was about to sign, the president moved to a table and sat down to sign the bills, but was quickly distracted by a young boy pushed to the front– more on that in a bit.

“Here we go,” Biden said, as he signed the first bill after silently reading the title. He then began to read out loud the title of the second bill, “To amend…” — well, I’m not going to read it out.”

He then proceeded to sign the bill.

As noted above, a young boy was at the signing ceremony and he was positioned right next to the desk, standing in front of Vice President Kamala Harris. When Biden turned and saw the kid, it was like he lost all interest in what he was about to do and began conversing with the child.

As is often the case, his hands were all over the boy, grabbing his arm repeatedly and caressing it as he spoke. At one point, he also stroked the child’s cheek.

“Hi. What’s your name? Nice to meet you. How old are you?” Biden asked.

The boy replied that he was seven, prompting the 79-year-old president to then ask what grade he was in and after being told he was in first grade, Biden said, “Well, that’s great, man. Thank you for being here. Are you okay?”

After the boy assured him that he was fine, Biden then said in a whispered tone, “Meet me after this and I can show you around the White House. Do you want to see it?”

While you may want to think the commander in chief of the United States of America, the most powerful man on earth, has more important things to do than to give a 7-year-old boy a personal tour of the White House, somehow you get the sense that he’s serious.

The creepiness of the moment was not lost on social media users:

As for the bill signing incident, that prompted plenty of reactions as well. Here’s a quick sampling of responses from Twitter:

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