Tucker Carlson inspires with speech: ‘Never has a better country been run by worse people’

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(Source: Fox News)

Fox News host Tucker Carlson gave a heartwarming speech about his love for America and the ingenuity of the American people at the third annual Fox Nation Patriot Awards on Wednesday before announcing the winner of the “Young Patriot Award.”

Carlson walked out on stage and immediately noted the size of the crowd and said it was refreshing to be around so many people after two years of coronavirus mandates that made large gatherings nearly impossible.

‘To be in a room full of people so obviously decent, who keep Fox going– kind of blowing my mind, it doesn’t happen every day. I find that really inspiring,” Carlson began. “…the beauty of living a moment where there’s so much downward pressure on the society, everything is so intense all of the sudden, is that you have to think through what you really believe, and it kind of floats to the surface, what really matters.”

(Source: Fox News)

The Fox News host spoke about how the pandemic made him appreciate the good people so much more than he ever did before, namely law enforcement.

“I’ve always liked cops, I was a police reporter thirty years ago. I thought cops were hilarious, funniest people in the world. [They] truly understand the human condition and also have the hardest job there is. There’s almost no upside to it, so I’ve always respected them,” Carlson told the crowd.

“In their absence, you really appreciate them so profoundly. Why aren’t they treated as the most heroic people in America?” he asked.

The comments weren’t all lighthearted, however, with Carlson noting that it’s easy to lose track of appreciation for the hardworking people who make this country great, and instead get caught up in the politics of beltway characters like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi.

“I often say to myself, never has a better country been run by worse people,” Carlson said to the audience.

However, he did note that the overwhelming majority of Americans are profoundly great.

The patriots who took the stage on Wednesday were all “recognizably American,” with similar honorable qualities, the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host said.

“They’re humble, they’re not that interested in talking about themselves, they’re competent…people outside the big cities actually have skills…they can fix things…they have usable skills…they are nice, that’s the first thing I notice about Americans. They are nice, they are kind people,” Carlson said, describing the American experience.

“[Americans] cry at dog movies…run out of gas in any other country in a rural area and find out what happens to you,” he joked, noting that Americans are always eager to help one another.

“There’s no other place where countrymen root for each other so passionately as they do here. Americans love to see other Americans succeed,” Carlson continued.

The Fox News host called America the best expression of human decency in the world.

He later presented the “Young Patriot Award” to Charlotte Bevan, a California eighth-grader who recited a poem she wrote for her school called “Flying Our Flag High.”

Fox Nation hosts the Patriot Awards annually to celebrate American patriots, military veterans, first responders, and other everyday heroes.

This year’s award ceremony was hosted by “Fox & Friends Weekend” co-host and Iraq and Afghanistan veteran, Pete Hegseth.

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