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CNN’s Brian Stelter gets fact-smacked over seriously flawed defense of Biden supply chain crisis

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Brian Stelter, host of the little-watched CNN offering “Reliable Sources,” was fact-checked by several social media users on Saturday after he appeared to be trying to defend President Joe Biden against critics who are blaming him for the worsening supply chain crisis.

For months, bottlenecks at major U.S. ports have been made worse by a dearth of truck drivers and other workers up and down the supply chain, despite the administration’s pledge to rectify the problems. And while Americans are flush with cash and demand is high, the time it takes to get those goods to retailers and other outlets has been lengthening for weeks.

The Los Angeles Times’ White House correspondent, Chris Megerian, appeared to be making that point in a tweet from last week noting that the number of container ships outside of major California ports is growing.

“There were 58 container ships waiting off California’s coast when President Biden announced the Los Angeles port would work around the clock. Now there are 78,” he wrote on Wednesday.

Bloomberg News reported Thursday that the congestion near the major California ports has become so significant that cargo ships are being ordered to remain some 150 miles offshore before being ‘greenlighted’ to approach.

In response, Stelter tweeted what he appeared to believe was an appropriate comparative response: A photo of a woman in a grocery store who appears to be buying a gallon of milk.

“‘The supply chain!’ she exclaims, looking for milk for 2-year-old,” he tweeted along with the photo. ‘Look at this amazing, overflowing abundance,’ he responds.”

Several social media users were quick to point out that the U.S. does not import refrigerated milk on container ships, while others noted that the administration appears, thus far, to have done little to ease the logjams and supply chokepoints.

Jon Dougherty


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