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Mark Levin GOES OFF: ‘This prosecutor’s ass should be in front of an ethics committee!’

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(Video: Fox News)

No one can launch into a justifiable tirade like Mark Levin. The conservative author and commentator let his thoughts on the Kyle Rittenhouse trial be known during a segment on Fox News’ “Hannity” Thursday night.

Speaking with host Sean Hannity, Levin put the heads of the collective media through a concrete wall, lambasting them for essentially spitting on the notions of equal justice and due process under the law of the U.S.

“I believe the media in this country is helping to fuel riots, it’s helping to fuel divisiveness, and it’s helping to fuel hate in this country,” he said. “You can see we are at each other’s throats.”

Levin then laid into the Wisconsin state prosecution and its shortsighted attempt to procure a conviction.

“This prosecutor in the case against Kyle Rittenhouse needs to have ethics complaints filed against him with the Supreme Court of Wisconsin,” said Levin, who called the charges against the defendant “thin.”

“This kid went on the stand and he defended himself. He defended his freedom, and he was superb. If you’re guilty as hell, trust me, you’re not gonna go on that stand,” Levin said.

A debatable point for sure, considering that some scholarly (and some fatuous) arguments have arisen over whether Rittenhouse’s counsel was wise to put their client on the witness stand.

Levin continued, “We keep hearing about this kid, ‘Oh, he had 30 rounds in his rifle.’ Well what should he have had? 10? ‘Oh, he crossed state lines to go to Kenosha. First of all, he didn’t. And so what if he did? His father lived there. Why he is the one that’s on defense and has to explain himself to the media?”

He also described what should be universal frustration in that the legacy media refuse to address the criminal backgrounds of each actor in the case of the three shootings. Instead, the mainstream media focus on the 17-year-old kid who was asked by family and friends to help in defending property amid riots and arson, casting him much like Nick Sandmann: an automatic villain.

Logical thought – especially within the freedoms enumerated in the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment – dictates that whether or not Rittenhouse should have been there doesn’t change the fact that he was there. And, if it’s a legal question, then it’s one to also be asked of the rioters, arsonists and looters who exercised their freedom of movement on that same fateful night.

“And what about the governor of Wisconsin?” Levin continued. “The president of the United States at the time, Donald Trump, called the governor when Kenosha was burning and said I will agree to send in more National Guardsmen because you can’t defend the city. He said no! Why isn’t he responsible for anything?”

Levin then ripped the “damned, disgusting media” for pitting Americans against each other instead of focusing on the facts of the case.

“The issue is whether Kyle Rittenhouse, this young man had a right to defend himself. And the answer is absolutely, yes!” Levin continued.

“It’s not that the prosecution was incompetent. They were politically motivated. They did not have a case! That’s why they resorted to violating the Constitution and the judge’s orders. And that’s why this prosecutor’s ass should be in front of an ethics committee in the Supreme Court of Wisconsin.”

Frank Webster


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