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‘Agents of outrage’ pop off over Rittenhouse judge’s innocuous comment on ‘Asian food’

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The judge overseeing Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial in Kenosha, Wisc., has become the subject of another controversy this week after he made an off-handed remark about “Asian food.”

As the court prepared to take a break for lunch, Kenosha County Circuit Judge Bruce Schroeder said, “I hope the Asian food isn’t coming … isn’t on one of those boats along Long Beach Harbor.”

The judge appeared to be making reference to a backlog of cargo ships anchored off the California coastline waiting to be offloaded amid an ongoing supply chain bottleneck, but that’s not how some people decided to take his remark.

One of the judge’s critics is Howard Dean, a former governor of Vermont and Democratic presidential contender, who claimed Schroeder’s comment was an example of “how not to be a good judge.”

“The selection system in Wisconsin is also badly flawed,” Dean tweeted. “They are elected after initial appointment and there is no retirement age. This is why we have intemperate and unfit judges like this all over the country.”

In an interview with CNN, the president and executive director of Asian Americans Advancing Justice, John Yang, said that the remark lacked a cultural sensitivity and that it was an illustration that Asian Americans “are not immune from racial bias and discrimination in our criminal justice system.:

“It harms our community and puts us in the crosshairs of microaggressions as well as actual physical violence,” he added.

But others took to social media to push back on what they saw as a gross overreaction to Schroeder’s remark.

Leftist observers of the trial were also triggered this week after Schroeder, on Thursday, recognized and applauded U.S. military members in observance of Veterans Day.

“I wanted to just observe that it’s Veterans Day, and, uh, any veterans in the room on the jury or anywhere else?” the judge asked.

“Well, that’s unusual not to have somebody in here,” Schroeder asserted. “Well, Dr. Black is — what branch?”

“Army, sir,” Black responded.

“I think we give a round of applause to the people who’ve served our country,” Schroeder said as members of the gallery and the jury joined in the clapping.

Jon Dougherty


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