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Candace Owens sounds the alarm after talk with NoKo defector: ‘America is being radically transformed’

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(Video: Fox News)

Conservative author and commentator Candace Owens appeared with Tucker Carlson on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Monday, where she railed against the Biden regime’s ongoing attempts to control every aspect of American life.

Tucker began, saying, “They are intentionally making things worse, because tearing down what we have is a prerequisite to building utopia. I think that is the answer to what we are seeing.”

Owens concurred and asserted that the system the Left in America desires is that of the North Korean way of life.

“What they’re really trying to do right here in America is built exactly that model where the state controls and owns and operates everything. You will have nothing and you will be happy, because you will have served some higher purpose,” she said, adding, “By the way, if you want anything you’ve got to worship government.”

She said that in a country like North Korea, a life serving and dying for the state is the highest honor, putting forth that the philosophy and mentality of the Left are rapidly becoming that of a full-blown communist nation. She also wondered why the Biden regime is determined to dumb down kids and transform public education into an ideological farce that is absent the teaching of necessary life skills and knowledge.

“Why are they being so horrible about families? Why do they want children turning to government and not to their parents for answers?” Owens asked.One thing that ties this all is that they don’t want there to be anything but the state in your individual lives.”

During the interview, Owens drew on a recent conversation she had with a North Korean defector who told of the horrors of living under communist rule.

“One of the things that the North Korean defector told me that there is no concept of love. We [they] do not have words likestress’ … There is no concept of this in the state, because they don’t want you to even think about that because you’re supposed to know this is how things are supposed to be. Every movie that they are allowed to watch in North Korea – and this really terrified me – the only concept of anybody dying is for the state. The highest honor is for the state,” she said.

“People thought this was a radical concept years ago … a Republican talking point. It’s not,” Owens added.

“We are seeing America being radically transformed into a communist country,” she observed.

Owens explained that in order to achieve ultimate control of the populace, the Left needed an existential crisis, and they found it in COVID-19.

“This is why we [the government] have to take everything that you own. This is why we have to shut down your businesses. This is why you can’t earn a living while we take trillions for ourselves. Because we’re here to help. No, we’re not, we’re here to take over every aspect of your lives and welcome you to a socialist reverie,” she added.

“Every hardship that we’re facing right now in this country is because of the government. We’re not building back anything better right now, and Americans need to wake up to that fact,” she concluded.

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