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Dad kills his daughter’s boyfriend for selling her into trafficking ring, police say

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A 60-year-old father from Spokane, Washington is accused of brutally killing his juvenile daughter’s boyfriend after he allegedly sold her to sex traffickers for $1,000 in Seattle last year.

(Video Credit: 4 News Now)

John Eisenman Sr. and his fiancee rescued his daughter from the sex trafficking ring and were able to bring her home not long after she was taken, according to police.

After Eisenman found out that his little girl had been reportedly sold into sex slavery in October of 2020, he claimed to have “obtained information” and tracked down her 19-year-old boyfriend a month later to a trailer park in Airway Heights to mete out justice.

He allegedly abducted Aaron Sorenson after he confronted him. The enraged father reportedly zip-tied him, taped his mouth shut, and stuffed him into the trunk of his vehicle.

Eisenman has reportedly waived his rights and has confessed to punching the boyfriend a few times, hitting Sorenson over the head with a cinder block, and then stabbing him repeatedly in the stomach resulting in his death.

According to court records, the father told officers that he abandoned the car, with the body inside, in a remote part of north Spokane County. He removed the vehicle’s battery, so no one could drive it, according to KXLY.

“After the homicide, Eisenman drove the vehicle to a remote area in North Spokane County and abandoned the car with the body still inside. The vehicle remained at that location until it was moved in October 2021 by a 3rd-party and driven to Spokane. At this point, it is not believed the 3rd-party knew the body was in the trunk. The vehicle, with the body still in the trunk, was abandoned at the Everett [Ave.] location. While parked on Everett, individuals were rummaging through the car and taking items when they made the gruesome discovery,” Spokane police noted.

Amber Hellmann stated that her boyfriend and a friend were working outside and noticed that the car had been left on their street for quite a while.

“They were just looking around and for some reason, they decided to look in the trunk and all I hear is, ‘there’s a body,'” she told NBC affiliate KHQ-TV.

When police located the abandoned car a year after the murder on Oct. 22, they noticed a “foul order” coming from it. They then opened the trunk and found human remains inside.

Following the gruesome discovery, Eisenman was taken into custody on Oct. 29 without incident and then charged with first-degree murder.

Eisenman did not have much to say in court Monday. It was his first hearing and he did not make a plea during the appearance.

He has no recent or violent criminal history according to police. His bond is set at $1 million.

Many on social media enthusiastically support the father and don’t think he should be charged with murder:


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