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Biden doesn’t think, ‘as bad as things are,’ anyone prefers to ‘trade this Thanksgiving for last Thanksgiving’

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President Joe Biden seemingly admitted during a press conference in Glasgow on Tuesday that the country is a hot mess under his “leadership,” but then claimed that most Americans prefer this to life under former President Donald Trump.

(Video: CBS News)

He made the bizarre (and almost incoherent) claim after being asked by a reporter “when specifically should Americans expect [inflated] prices to come down?”

[T]he bottom line is that I think that — and anyone who would prefer, as bad as things are in terms of prices helping — hurting families now, trade this Thanksgiving for last Thanksgiving,” he replied.

Translated into normal English, it appears he was trying to say that nobody would “trade this Thanksgiving for last Thanksgiving.”

The stunning claim triggered an outpouring of complaints from Americans all too well aware that literally, everything is worse in America right now, including prices, wages, and even coronavirus deaths (despite so many Americans being vaccinated).


The president’s claim came at the tail end of his full response.

The response began with him blaming ongoing rampant inflation on everything else but his own policies.

“Well, look, first of all, the significant reason why prices are up is because of COVID affecting the supply chain. I mean, I know you — I’m not trying to be instructive; I know you know this. Number one,” he said.

“Number two, if you take a look at, you know, gas prices and you take a look at oil prices, that is a consequence of, thus far, the refusal of Russia or the OPEC nations to pump more oil. And we’ll see what happens on that score sooner than later,” he added.

Watch his full response below:

(Video: CNN)

He then started to speak about Thanksgiving.

“Number three, I think if you take a look at what we’re talking about — you look to this coming Thanksgiving — you know, we’re in a situation where we find that we are in a very different circumstance. Last Thanksgiving, you know, I — as I said, this year, we’re working on the supply chain issue. But last Thanksgiving, I sat down with my wife, my daughter, and my son-in-law,” he said.

“This Thanksgiving, we’re all in a very different circumstance. Things are a hell of a lot better, and the wages have gone up higher — faster than inflation. And we have generated real economic growth,”  he added.

Fact-check: FALSE.

While raw wages have increased, “real wages,” a more precise measurement that factors in prices of good and services, have declined dramatically since the day Biden took office.

The actual “bottom line” therefore is that most Americans are ending each month with less money in their pockets.

(Source: Insider)

Moreover, the so-called “real economic growth” under Biden has been extraordinarily slow and anemic, with job and GDP growth being far lower than expected.

Facts matter, as the folks at CNN like to say (as they distort the facts), and in this case, it seems the president is either clueless of the facts or just a plain ol’ liar …

Vivek Saxena


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