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Biden does the creepy whisper thing again at COP26 and people are cringing

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President Joe Biden has a lot of weird quirks, but one is more unsettling, more hair-raising, and more cringe-y than all the rest: The Whisper.

While at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, Biden broke out his stage whisper to brag about the United States economy, and how well it’s doing despite COVID and supply chain setbacks.

“The proof of the pudding’s in the eating,” Biden said, “I feel confident that we’re going to get done what we have to do at home in order to deliver.”

“And lastly, you know, if you take a look at what economy is growing,” Biden led, before leaning into the microphone and whispering: “The United States.”

“It’s growing,” he continues, his voice returning to normal. “It has problems, mainly because of COVID and supply chain, but it’s growing … We’re leading the world in terms of the fastest-growing economy.”

Roaring (or not) economy aside, people have questions, comments, and concerns about the president’s weird whispering, as well as the facts he outlined in his speech:

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that Biden’s whispering habit has sent creep-meters to the moon.

In June of this year, he inexplicably started whispering about COVID relief checks, an environmental bill, and employees getting paid more. Just as now, nobody could think of any logical reason why he would randomly start whispering in the middle of a speech.

Just one month later, in July, Biden was roasted for leaning down into the ear of a small child and whispering some barely-intelligible comment about “mommy.”

It’s unclear what is causing this behavior in Biden, or if it’s something he’s always done but one thing is certain, it’s creeping out potential voters and making people think twice about who they are making the leader of the free world.

Sierra Marlee


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