Rick Wilson, is that you? Reporters find themselves in just the right spot at Youngkin rally, but no one’s buying it

Political dirty tricksters are trying to pull a rabbit out of their hats as things are looking grim for Democrat Terry McAuliffe in Virginia’s high-stakes gubernatorial election.

With polls indicating that Republican Glenn Youngkin could spring an upset against the former governor and longtime Clinton crony, it’s desperation time and what appeared to many as an election-eve hoax to play on the racially charged themes that are the Democratic Party’s bread and butter raised eyebrows.

In what has all of the appearances of another political operation, an image of a person wearing a cowboy hat and a jean jacket bearing the Confederate flag was promoted by the usual array of grifters on social media in an attempt to portray Youngkin and his supporters as racists.

The picture was taken during Youngkin’s final rally before voters go to the polls where the candidate spoke to an energized crowd in Loudoun County as he attempted to close the deal with those who are dissatisfied with the direction that the state has taken under Democrat control.

NBC News’ Gary Grumbach was one of at least three reporters to get the shot:

The images drew immediate criticism from those who suspected that it was staged and they took to Twitter to react, with many believing that it is the work of the anti-Trump Lincoln Project which is firmly behind McAuliffe.

Some expressed suspicion that it was Rick Wilson, one of the disgraced group’s co-founders as well as a man who many regard as one of the sleaziest critters in the swamp.


The Lincoln Project’s efforts to smear Youngkin as a white nationalist include last week’s failed race hoax when a group carrying unlit tiki torches appeared in front of the Republican’s bus – a reference to the 2017 Charlottesville ‘Unite The Right” rally – but it failed miserably.

Youngkin has struck a nerve with voters by running against the toxic and divisive Critical Race Theory that has been introduced into classrooms by far-left educators as well as a Loudoun County school board’s coverup of a restroom rape by a transgender student which has outraged parents.

Rather than present a positive vision for Virginia, McAuliffe is sticking to playing the race card as he did again on Monday when, during his closing arguments, he claimed that the Commonwealth had too many white teachers.

Depending on the results once voters have had their say, McAuliffe and his allies will transition from dirty tricks and will almost certainly challenge the election results by mobilizing a cadre of high-powered lawyers to overturn a Youngkin victory.

Chris Donaldson


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