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Christopher Rufo exposes McAuliffe’s ‘linguistic shell game’ in claiming CRT not taught in Va. schools

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Noted critical race theory researcher and whistleblower Christopher Rufo pushed back on claims by Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe that the divisive and, some say, racist, materials are not taught in the state’s schools.

In a Twitter thread, Rufo took McAuliffe, a former Virginia governor, to task by explaining, with examples, why his claim was wrong, noting that the concept was being pushed while he was in office.

“Terry McAuliffe’s closing argument is that critical race theory is a ‘racist dog whistle’ that has ‘never been taught in Virginia.’ But I can debunk this lie—and prove that McAuliffe himself was the first Virginia governor to promote CRT,” Rufo’s thread began, referencing the Democrat’s first term which ran from 2014-2018. “Let’s go.”

“In 2015, then-Governor McAuliffe’s Department of Education instructed Virginia public schools to ’embrace critical race theory’ in order to ‘re-engineer attitudes and belief systems.’ They explicitly endorse CRT—he can’t wiggle out of this one with word games,” Rufo continued in a post containing screen grabs of materials.

The curriculum continued, Rufo said, under McAuliffe’s successor, current Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam.

“Under the Northam administration, Superintendent of Public Instruction James Lane sent a memo to Virginia public schools endorsing ‘Foundations of Critical Race Theory in Education,’ calling it an ‘important analytic tool’ that can ‘further spur developments in education,'” he wrote, adding more screen grabs to support his contention.

“Right now, on its website, the Virginia Department of Education recommends ‘Critical Race Theory in Education’ as a ‘best practice’ and derives its definitions of ‘racism,’ ‘white supremacy,’ and ‘education equity’ explicitly from ‘critical race theory,'” he added.

“At the district level, Loudoun County Schools has hired a consulting firm to implement ‘critical race theory’ and developed a high school class explicitly teaching ‘critical race theory.’ Even the district superintendent admitted the curricula ‘align with the ideology of CRT,'” the researcher continued.

“McAuliffe is playing a linguistic shell game to obfuscate about critical race theory. But the reality is that Virginia Department of Education promotes all of the *concepts* of critical race theory: ‘systemic racism,’ ‘white supremacy,’ ‘white privilege, ‘white fragility,’ etc.” Rufo concluded, adding a final tweet with a link to his full debunking of McAuliffe.

Jon Dougherty


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