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DeSantis accuses Biden of ‘trying to plunge people into destitution’ with vaccine mandate

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With President Joe Biden’s highly criticized business vaccine mandate slated to go into effect any day now, critics like Florida Gov. DeSantis are raising the alarm over the “destitution” the president’s “divisive” actions are about to unleash on the nation.

Speaking at a press conference in Naples this Friday, the Florida governor warned that forcing businesses with 100+ employees to fire those workers who refuse to get vaccinated or subject themselves to weekly testing will hurt Americans.

“No one should lose their job over these shots. We want to protect people’s jobs,” he said, adding that he’s especially concerned about the threat the president’s vaccine mandate poses to America’s already understaffed hospitals.

“These are folks that have been working throughout this whole time. They were put in situations where they were exposing themselves to risks knowingly to help others, and we considered them heroes just a year ago. Now you’re going to let them go by the wayside and you’re not going to let them work anymore?” he said.


But it gets worse.

“They also have a mandate on any entity that gets Medicare and Medicaid. So they’re threatening these hospitals, ‘If you don’t do this mandate, you don’t get reimbursed for Medicare or Medicaid,'” the governor explained.

“Well, the hospitals — you can’t do business, because most of your patients are Medicare patients, particularly in a place like Southwest Florida. I think that’s unconstitutional what they’re doing. I think it’s illegal. I don’t think they have the authority to just issue these dictates and threaten to pull off — who knows how much funds that would end up being,” he added.

The end result,  he warned, is there are going to be “some people who decide to walk away.”

Indeed, the latest release of the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ “Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey” (JOLTS) found that roughly 534,000 health care workers quit in August, up by 130,000 from the number who quit in August 2020.

DeSantis further noted that most of these healthcare workers likely already have natural immunity, raising the question of why they even need a shot.

It seems to make no logical sense, he argued. Nor does the rhetoric of the president, who keeps accusing those who refuse to comply of being divisive.

“Let’s be clear. Vaccination requirements should not be another issue that divides us,” said Biden from the White House on Thursday, suggesting that anyone who disagrees with his troubling vaccine orthodoxy is being divisive.


The remarks triggered widespread criticism, including from DeSantis.

You are trying to take people’s jobs away over this issue. You are trying to plunge people into destitution. You are taking away their livelihoods. Nobody else is doing that. You are the one that is being divisive about this,” the governor argued Friday.

To say to a police officer who’s been working this whole time or a nurse, or a firefighter that now they lose their job … those guys had to answer the call. And now you’re going to toss them aside? He is the one that is being divisive on this. We believe people should be able to make their own,” he added.

This sentiment is shared by many.


“You aren’t King Biden,” one critic pithily wrote.

Democrats appear to believe otherwise.

As early as January, even before Biden had been inaugurated into office, so-called “progressives” began pressuring him “to use executive power to revamp everything from the economy to climate change policy,” as reported at the time by Politico.

“The push for sweeping use of executive action has created a strange dynamic within the Democratic Party. Lawmakers are increasingly eager to cede their legislative power to Biden — but Biden says he doesn’t want it,” Politico’s report continued.

The president has said many things, including that he would never institute a vaccine mandate:

But apparently, the president lied about that, raising the question of whether he also lied about not wanting more power …

No matter, because Republicans like DeSantis have pledged to stand up to his overreach by whatever means possible.

“We’re looking at options to fight back against Biden,” he said at Friday’s presser.

Vivek Saxena


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