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GOP senators bash Biden’s spin on clearly dismal jobs report Democrat president touts as ‘progress’

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President Joe Biden was slammed by Republican senators this week for sugar coating the just released dismal jobs report after he attempted to frame the clear and obvious job shortage as “progress.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) blasted Biden, stating that the administration “has been throwing a wet blanket over job creators,” according to a Fox Business report.

The sharp criticism came on the heels of the shockingly bad September report that showed a mere 194,000 nonfarm jobs were added, although economists anticipated 500,000 jobs would be added during this period.

Ignoring the unprecedented impact of pandemic job policies that kept many out of the workforce and contributed to the bleak report, Biden touted the numbers in a tweet on Saturday.

Ranking Member of the Senate Joint Economic Committee, Sen. Mike Lee, (R-Utah), added some missing context to Biden’s claims, pointing out that jobs are around 5 million behind compared to pre-pandemic levels.

Chairman of the Senate Republican Conference Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.), explained, “The Biden economy is failing Americans who want to get back to work and put the virus behind them.”

“President Biden was dealt a winning hand with three safe and effective vaccines and he’s blown it,” Barrasso asserted. “America’s economic recovery is being paralyzed by Joe Biden’s big spending, high taxing, and socialist policies.”

Meanwhile, after Biden initially announced the jobs numbers on Friday, where he conveniently “forgot” to mention that the reported drop in unemployment from 5.1 percent to 4.8 percent was largely due to people dropping out of the workforce, he rushed of to play yo-yo with a group of young children.

“The months of disappointing jobs reports are a direct result of President Biden’s failed policies,” Sen. Tim Scott, (R-S.C.) argued. “This administration’s plan of paying people not to work and burdensome mandates has crippled our economy at a time when middle-class Americans are already struggling to afford basic necessities due to inflation.”

Sen. Rick Scott, (R-FL), explained the dire situation the leftists are creating.

“Joe Biden and Democrats in Washington are pushing America off a cliff,” Scott said.

“This jobs report shows what employers all over the country have been saying for months: the labor shortage is getting worse,” Sen. Tom Cotton, (R-Ark.) explained. “The Biden administration should abandon their new entitlement programs, restore the work requirements they gutted in their March spending spree and get people back to work.”

Sen. Josh Hawley, (R-Mo.) bashed Biden’s underwhelming performance and policies that have targeted hardworking Americans by attacking jobs and driving up the cost of living.

“This is just more evidence of Joe Biden’s anti-worker agenda in action,” Hawley argued. “Instead of the recovery we desperately need, Biden’s given us fewer jobs, higher prices, and rampant inflation. It’s time for the president to stop fighting his phony culture war and put America back to work.”

The general public also took their turn blasting the president for spinning the report.

Ashley Hill


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