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Man posts photo of car part online, police nab him for what they saw in the background

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A Missouri man learned that a picture can be worth a thousand words after he posted an online ad for a catalytic converter that brought deputies to his doorstep.

The catalytic converter appeared to be brand new in the box, but what caught the local sheriff’s eye was a “large bag” of methamphetamine and a syringe sitting next to it on the coffee table in the background of the photo.

Whoops, he probably didn’t mean to do that.

Stone County Sheriff Doug Rader received a tip from one of the county’s “finer citizens,” according to a post by the sheriff on Facebook.

“Apparently he must have been under the influence because in the background of his picture he posted, he left his large bag of meth and syringe on the coffee table,” Rader explained about the Facebook Marketplace ad posted by 38-year-old James Anthony Kertz.

“I was alerted to this by one of our finer citizens,” he said, complimenting the person who tipped him off.

The photo and post were given to a detective to investigate and resulted in a search warrant being issued.

(Photo Credit: Stone County Sheriff’s Office Facebook post)

“I passed this on to one of our Detectives. Today we arrived at this gentleman’s house with a search warrant,” he explained. “You can imagine his surprise!!”

A revolver-style firearm was also seized during the search.

“He still had 48 grams of meth and a pistol that he is forbidden to own! We have now provided a new play to stay,” he said, alluding to the jail cell that he has been getting to know since he was booked on Wednesday in the Stone County Detention Center.

(Photo Credit: Stone County Sheriff’s Office Facebook post)

He was booked at 3:27 p.m. on charges of possession of a controlled substance and a parole violation.

And in case anyone was wondering: no, the catalytic converter is no longer for sale.

“Sorry folks, his catalytic converters are not for sale right now,” the sheriff wrote.

The sheriff concluded by offering a helpful tip for online social media merchants.

“Take note, if you are selling items on social media, make sure your drugs are not in the background!” he advised.

Despite the lighthearted tone of the sheriff’s public broadcast about the unusual crime, the department has had its share of struggles this year.

Last month Rader committed to answering emergency calls within Kimberling city limits in Stone County after the sudden resignation by Kimberling City Police Chief Craig Alexander along with all of his officers.

However, Rader said he cannot enforce city ordinances so he is hopeful they will be able to fill the vacancies soon.

“It will be a struggle to fill the police department back up with qualified officers, but hopefully they can start working on that soon and get that accomplished,” he said.

Ashley Hill


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