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COVID-19 upended our nation’s healthcare system

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By Madeline Mazuca – Medical Billing Specialist

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author.

COVID19 upended our nation’s healthcare system. While doctors and nurses on the frontlines scrambled to tend to sick patients, the health insurance industry came under massive strain due to the huge costs with the rapid increase in the need for care.

Unfortunately, these costs are being passed down to both COVID and nonCOVID patients in the form of bloated medical bills and higher deductibles.

There are steps lawmakers can take to provide relief to patients drowning in high healthcare costs.

Health insurance companies are routinely hit with frivolous lawsuits, which drive up costs for everyone. These claims are generally filed by trial lawyers in search of a quick buck. Unfortunately, to stay competitive in the insurance marketplace, these companies are forced to pass down litigationrelated costs to patients.

This problem is especially problematic in Florida due to the state’s weak protections against lawsuit abuse. The state’s reputation for being a hotbed for medical lawsuit claims draws lawyers in from all across the country to file their cases on favorable turf. This clogs up the state’s justice system and drives up the cost of insurance for Floridians.

Lawmakers in Tallahassee can come together and find common ground to fix this problem. If they succeed, health insurance costs will fall, and patients will have better access to more affordable care. A fair and equitable solution is best for all parties involved.




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