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Matthew Dowd runs for Texas Lt Gov after lecturing Americans shouldn’t elect Christian white males

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With a request for donations, former Republican strategist and current TV political pundit Matthew Dowd announced on Wednesday that he is running for Texas lieutenant governor as a Democrat against “the cruel and craven GOP incumbent.”

Dowd, a former key aide on G.W. Bush’s reelection campaign who has since gone far left, including voting twice for Obama, seems to have overcome a possible identity-politics barrier to entry for his own campaign.

In September 2018, the self-identified white male Christian wrote that people from his demographic should “step back and give others room to lead.”

“[T]hat is precisely the kind of oily pandering that allowed Dowd to earn a cushy job as a political analyst at ABC News, where he was presented as a right-of-center analyst, as opposed to what he is: a mewling, far-left beta male who makes Phil Donahue look like Robert Mitchum,” Breitbart’s John Nolte quipped.

Incumbent Dan Patrick is seeking reelection for the GOP in Texas.

Dowd, 60, currently makes the rounds of MSNBC and CNN where, according to his non-fans, he carries Joe Biden’s water.

In an appearance on MSNBC this summer, Dowd claimed that the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol  “was worse than 9/11.”

In an op-ed posted on the ABC News website, the subtext for which was apparently a lamentation about the controversy surrounding President Trump’s nomination of then-Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court, Dowd wrote, in part:

Instead of waiting for the diverse population of America to keep pushing and prodding, I would humbly suggest that we as white male Christians take it upon ourselves to step back and give more people who don’t look like us access to the levers of power…

Yes, let me repeat, we as white male Christians should do what real leadership demands and practice a level of humility which demonstrates strength by stepping back from the center of the room and begin to give up our seats at the table…I myself can do a much better job of this in both my personal and professional life…

As I have watched the last week of disruption and drama in Washington, a major part of this could have been avoided if white male Christians had more readily stepped back, and turned over leadership to those who are not the same sex, or the same color, or the same religion as us…

The greatest demonstration of strength is putting someone else ahead of ourselves. Let’s show we are that strong.

Late last month, using questionable political analysis, Dowd claimed that President Biden “should be congratulated” for doing “unbelievable yeoman’s work” in Afghanistan and that Biden was extremely “competent” in his handling of Afghanistan.

In November 2019, even given his vigorous support for diversity, he apologized for and deleted a tweet about U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik’s conduct during Trump Impeachment 1.0.

“Elise Stefanik is a perfect example of why just electing someone because they are a woman or a millennial doesn’t necessarily get you the leaders we need,” wrote in the later-scrubbed message about the highly respected New York Republican.

“The Dowd campaign did not immediately respond to Fox News’ inquiries, including if he no longer believes that White male Christians should ‘step aside’ and whether or not he will withdraw his candidacy if a woman or a minority candidate enters the race,” FNC reported.

Fox News has also reported that ahead of launching his campaign, Matthew Dowd apparently deleted “over 90 percent of his tweets.”

To a certain degree, some might say that this situation is perhaps roughly similar to the scenario involving ex-ESPN host Rachel Nichols, who seemed to be a champion of diversity, as long as her position at the network was unaffected.

Dowd’s announcement of his candidacy made liberal Twitter happy, but others think he has some explaining to do about the perceived hypocrisy:

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