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Protesters storm vaccinated-only Staten Island food court, shockingly chant: ‘F**k Joe Biden’ and ‘Trump Won’

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Correction: The phrase “anti-vaccine protesters” was changed to “anti-vaccine-mandate” protesters to more accurately reflect the nature of the protest.

A large multicultural crowd of unmasked anti-vaccine-mandate protesters erupted into chants of “f–k Joe Biden” and “Trump won” at a vaccinated-only food court in New York City this Saturday, according to independent journalist Oliya Scootercaster of FNTV

Video footage from the stunning event showed a large crowd of protesters arriving at the Staten Island Mall together while holding American flags and chanting “USA.”

The protest’s organizers then urged the crowd to “get food” and “meet back over there and go into the food court area and sit our butts down.”

According to the Staten Island Advance, the food court is “an area which is supposed to be only for those who can show proof of vaccination.”

Watch the protesters arriving below:

Once seated, the real fun began.

First the protesters began chanting “USA” like before, but they then quickly switched their chant up to “f–k Joe Biden” and “Trump won.”

You’ll notice too that the protesters weren’t “a bunch of privileged white people,” as a leftist might say. People of virtually every race were present.

Moreover, despite their racial differences, they all agreed that mask/vaccine mandates are wrong and that President Joe Biden is a horrible president.

Watch the full protest video below:

As the protest continued, they also chanted “my body, my choice” and sang the Pledge of Allegiance.

According to Scootercaster, they were never asked to show proof of vaccination, so the mall may unfortunately wind up getting in trouble.

All of New York City is currently under a draconian vaccine mandate requiring proof of vaccination to be shown before customers may eat indoors.

The footage captured by Scootercaster predictably triggered howls of outrage from leftists who accused the protesters of perpetrating “domestic terrorism” and called for them to be arrested and denied future healthcare.

Meanwhile, the hyperbole-prone leftists claimed that they — yes, they — are the “polite,” “respectful,” “loving” ones …


Note how one critic alleged that “people of color” would have been treated differently.

Note that it was only one year ago that Black Lives Matter extremists spent an entire summer terrorizing Americans with the full support of every U.S. institution. But unlike the BLM extremists, who engaged in harassment, vandalism, arson and assaults, the anti-vaccine-mandate protesters were genuinely peaceful.

And from the looks of it, nobody else at the mall seemed to mind their presence.

It appears that the anti-vaccine protesters only “crime” was protesting on behalf of a cause that leftists despise. That, to a leftist, is apparently enough to warrant being tossed in prison or left to die, even if one pays for their own healthcare.

Besides wishing imprisonment and death on the protesters, leftists also accused them of breaking into the mall. Much to her credit, journalist Oliya Scootercaster of FNTV made certain to fact-check them:

In response, leftists then attacked her.


It’s not clear whether New York City prosecutors will seek charges against the protesters. Knowing how radically left-wing they tend to be, it’s certainly possible.

Vivek Saxena


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