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Sarah Sanders has 4-word smackdown for critics of her gubernatorial race

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Former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, whose run for the governorship of Arkansas has drawn national attention, has a resounding answer for critics who have accused her of nationalizing the race and it isn’t going to please Democrats.

“As I travel around the state, I keep hearing this criticism, ‘Oh, there’s that Sarah Sanders, nationalizing the race,'” she said to an audience of hundreds at a steak house near Little Rock.

“And my answer to those people is, ‘You bet I am.’ Because if you’re not paying attention to what is happening in this country, you’re missing what is going on.” she said, according to the Associated Press.

Sanders is hoping to replace the Razorback State’s current Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson who is term-limited in next year’s gubernatorial election, but she first has to win the primary against Attorney General Leslie Rutledge whom she is clobbering in fundraising. She is counting on being able to capitalize on her national name recognition and has been barnstorming to get her message out to voters.

In an inspiring video posted to YouTube this week, Sanders chronicled the statewide freedom tour where she hit the road in her red campaign bus to meet with real people across Arkansas who she assured that if elected, she would “never allow the radical left to dictate how we’re going to operate in this state,” which could be interpreted as a veiled shot at President Joe Biden who has often used the bully pulpit to bash the red states and their Republican leaders.

During her tenure as President Trump’s top spokesperson, she held her ground against the petty and vindictive gaggle of activist reporters whose confrontational manner brought disgrace to the entire journalistic profession and she never once backed down.

Sanders also brought a dignity to the position that is completely lacking with Jen Psaki, a professional spinmeister and longtime Democrat operative who has never let the truth get in the way of promoting the radical political agenda of the left which seeks to tear down America and “build back better” in a form that is more compatible with a twisted worldview.

This month, Sanders also released a campaign ad that harkened back to the days when Democrats actually tried to reach across the aisle, featuring footage of her father, former Governor Mike Huckabee, and another famous Arkansan who once sat in the governor’s mansion, Bill Clinton who held open the doors for the Little Rock Nine, a group who, in 1957, was refused entry to Little Rock Central High School by segregationist Governor Orval Faubus, a Democrat.

Sanders said, “The radical left wants to teach our kids America is a racist and evil country,” adding that “we don’t want our kids living under socialism, cancel culture, and big government taking away our freedom,” a winning message that should not only resonate in Arkansas but across the entire country.

The upcoming year of 2022 is going to be a historic opportunity for the nation to reject the divisive authoritarian rule of Joe Biden’s White House and Nancy Pelosi’s Congress, and few are better suited to appeal to voters who are disgusted and dismayed at how the left has taken a wrecking ball to longstanding American principles than Sanders.

Chris Donaldson


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