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Thousands of US green card holders remain in Afghanistan along with American citizens: report

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Reporting from Kabul, Afghanistan, Fox News foreign correspondent Trey Yingst reported that, in addition to U.S. citizens still in the country, there are “thousands” of U.S. green card holders stranded there, including some who worked at the U.S, Embassy.

Appearing on Fox Business, Yingst shared the stories of some of the fed-up, frustrated people stuck in the Taliban-controlled country. Stories that are getting little airtime in the media now that President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party are trying to turn the page and move on to their domestic agenda, which starts with a massive $3.5 trillion spending bill that serves as a grab bag of far-left goodies.

One man highlighted explained that he and his wife have green cards and that his daughter has a U.S. passport.

“I live in Georgia — Atlanta, Georgia. I run two businesses in Georgia,” the man said — Yingst explained that the man came to visit his family before the Taliban took control and is now one of the thousands stuck in Afghanistan.

“The office of U.S. Congressman David Scott told him to come to this hotel today and try to get on an evacuation flight convoy and flight with the Qataris. So far he’s had no luck,” Yingst said. “It’s not just green card holders who are unable to escape. There are a number of people outside of this hotel in Kabul who worked for the Americans at the U.S. embassy, and they’re left behind. They have the documentation. It says ‘U.S. embassy, Kabul.’”

(Video: Fox Business)

The reporter spoke with a couple of men who said they worked at the embassy and pointed to a message he said was from “the deputy chief of mission at the U.S. embassy in Kabul, promising these embassy workers they would get them out of Afghanistan.”

“We are left behind here with families, with — all the U.S. embassy staff are here right now,” one of the men said on camera.

“Some of these people are literally being hunted by the Taliban. They could be killed or imprisoned if the United States doesn’t help,” Yingst added.

In a series of tweets, Yingst also noted that there are still U.S. citizens in Kabul.

“We’ve met multiple American passport holders still in Kabul. Some made it out on Qatari flights, others did not,” he tweeted.

The remarkable thing about the story is there is a concerted effort online to suggest that these people deserve whatever fate they may have in store, even if it includes death. Pushing a political narrative designed to protect Biden and his party, these people claim there was plenty of time and opportunity to get out.

Never mind that Biden was saying almost to the end that it would be months before the Taliban would be marching into Kabul, if ever.

Here’s a sampling of some of these unfortunate remarks from Twitter:

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