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Lara Logan’s sobering pushback message: ‘Freedom today in the US is an illusion’

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Never before in the nation’s history have the founding principles of America been under assault as they are today with authoritarian politicians and unelected health care bureaucrats trampling freedoms and weaponizing institutions against the people.

For nearly two and a half centuries, America has served as an inspiration to the free world with a constitutional republic that protected the rights of all, a land of boundless opportunity which was famously referred to as a “shining city on a hill” by former President Ronald Reagan, but things have taken a very dark turn over the last 18 months.

The unexpected outbreak of COVID was immediately seen by power-mad Democrats and the national security state as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to radically transform America into a place more to their liking and they have exploited the health crisis to accrue sweeping new powers that they have ruthlessly executed.

While many remain woefully ignorant and willfully blind to the perilous state of the nation, former CBS reporter Lara Logan laid it out in a stunning Twitter thread that pierces the fog of media propaganda and should serve as a wakeup call that the freedoms that have long been cherished by Americans are dangerously close to being stomped out of existence, if they haven’t already.

According to Logan, “Freedom today in the US is an illusion. We live in fear not liberty,” she wrote, “We self-censor/hide/give up our rights & stopped fighting because we think we won’t win. When we lose faith in our govt/elections/law enforcement/media/institutions – that’s what they want. It’s easier for them.”

She continued by lamenting the silencing of free speech by a “public-private partnership” that works hand in hand with the Biden administration to censor any contradictory messaging on vaccines, along with the quashing of critical thinking and diversity of thought by Silicon Valley tech giants doing the government’s dirty work.

She emphasized that it is imperative to recognize the reality of the situation and that the only thing that really counts is the truth.

Perhaps more importantly, Logan recognizes that there is nobody coming to the rescue and that placing hope in a “white knight” at a time when Americans are being held in solitary confinement as political prisoners and cancel culture moves into the corporate domain is futile.

Logan adds that those who may believe that flying under the radar is an option are badly mistaken, “If you think you can just keep your head down & follow their rules & somehow you’ll be ok, that’s an illusion too. What you’re clinging too is already long gone.”

It is a powerful and sobering message that should result in plenty of buzz, but what is really needed is for Americans to take action if they are to preserve the freedoms that they have long taken for granted.

Chris Donaldson


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