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Occupy Democrats hit from BOTH sides after gleefully supporting ‘large Florida landlord’ kicking out unvaxxed

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Occupy Democrats, a radically far-left media outlet, is facing bipartisan backlash for being a hypocritical, unprincipled organization that opposes evictions when tenants don’t pay rent but supports evictions when tenants don’t get vaccinated.

When the initial federal eviction moratorium expired earlier this summer, Occupy Democrats was quick to throw support behind radical Democrats like Rep. Cori Bush who were advocating for the moratorium to be extended.

This despite the moratorium having protected non-paying renters from eviction on the dubious basis that the COVID pandemic was preventing them from working.


Yet on Wednesday, the far-left organization giggled in glee in support for a “large Florida landlord” who’s threatened to evict unvaccinated tenants.

“RT IF YOU SUPPORT THE LANDLORD’S MOVE!” the organization tweeted.


The claim is legitimate.

“A South Florida landlord is requiring new tenants over the age of 18 or any adult tenants who want to renew a lease in one of the 1,200 units he manages to provide proof of a Covid-19 vaccination,” CNN reported Wednesday.

Occupy Democrats’ tweet in support of this provoked massive backlash, though not enough for it to be ratioed. As of Thursday morning, it boasted over 15,000 likes, 10,000 retweets and 7,000 comments. However,the comments were all negative.

The negative comments came from two separate camps: Mainly left-wing eviction moratorium supporters outraged that Occupy Democrats would adopt such a non-“progressive” position, and mainly right-wing and libertarian eviction moratorium opponents outraged (or amused) at the group’s blatant hypocrisy.

Here’s some of the left-wing heat (*Language warning):

True leftists are supposed to believe that “housing is a human right,” and Occupy Democrats did technically believe that — til those being housed were of the long stripe, that is.

Here’s some of the right-wing/libertarian heat:

Occupy Democrats’ view isn’t surprising. As one Twitter user noted, these days many, many, many left-wing organizations have adopted positions that completely belie the principles they’d once claimed to represent.

It’s as if they’ve all — including the ACLU — turned into Jennifer Rubin, the so-called “conservative” who’s now a bigger sycophant to President Joe Biden than even most Democrats.

Vivek Saxena


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