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Life with vaccine mandates – fast forward one year from now in prophetic comedy skit

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A YouTube creator named Tyler Fischer has produced a hilarious yet feasibly prophetic skit of life with vaccine mandates in America. It begins with the already maddening array of questions one might endure currently, then travels forward in time to demonstrate what the possible onslaught of demands will be in just a year from now.

A white man stands in what looks like an alleyway holding a clipboard, his job to stop any passersby headed to a location that isn’t revealed until the end of the short film.

(Language Warning)

“Excuse me, I’m gonna need to see your proof of vaccination,” he says as he stops another white man who is walking and looking at his phone.

“Oh, yeah. I got the app,” the second man says, as he shows his phone.

“Oh, Moderna! I heard that one knocks you on your a**! I got the Pfizer one.”

“Oh, you’re a Pfizer guy. I heard Moderna’s better, but I’m not gonna judge.”

They both chuckle and say in unison, “The new normal.”

Fast forward to one year later.

The same guy is working the same gig, but this time he has to ask a lot more questions.

Beginning with a vaccine passport, he then needs to see proof of 10 booster shots. This is followed by a barrage of requests with the subject having to reach for seemingly endless documentation from the backpack he carries in order to prove he’s been vaccinated for everything from COVID to rabies to H1N6 to a negative test for the Black Plague.

He even asks the man for his Netflix password.

It continues with the clipboard man asking for the subject’s proof of political party, proof of diversity, and for his “23 and Me” test results, not to mention his “White Guilt Score.”

Then the questionnaire begins …

“How many statues have you toppled this month?”

“Do you support the police?”

“How many genders are there?”

“How many abortions have you paid for?”

Some commentary on You Tube was as follows:

“Very well written sketch. This guy has the talent.”

“This is why I’m prepared to die suffering and fighting rather than living safely in tyranny. SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS.”

“Oh god ! It was a back to back to back dose of laughter!! 😂”

“lol! SO MUCH HONESTY….its like looking into the future, the near future.”

“So good, so sad and so true all at once! Yikes 😳”

“I honestly would have failed at every question.”

“I think this is shadow banned. Doesn’t appear in the search even by exact title and channel name. Humour does a far better job of explaining the tyranny.”

“SNL doesn’t deserve you, you’re too funny for them.”

Is the subject matter in the skit that far off from the truth? Is the author of the video being generous by saying it will only take a year? We are finding out each day.

Frank Webster


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