Nancy Pelosi angers Dems after saying America ‘needs a big, strong Republican Party’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi angered members of her Democratic base after she said that there ought to be “a big, strong Republican Party” during an event over the weekend.

The California Democrat made her remarks in a video clip posted online by The Hill that went viral and drew immediate pushback from her party’s left-wing supporters.

“I say to my Republican friends, take back your party. The country needs a big, strong Republican Party. And I say that as a leader in the Democratic Party,” Pelosi said last week at an event at Smith College in Northampton, Mass.

“Don’t have it be a cult of personality on the extreme, extreme, extreme right,” she added, a possible reference to supporters of former President Donald Trump. “This isn’t about liberal or conservative, it’s about radical…uh…shall we say, they don’t believe in governance.”

Pelosi went on to say that Americans who oppose “the science” of COVID restrictions and mandates like mask-wearing don’t believe in “governance.”

But it was her comments about a “strong” GOP that earned her the enmity of her political base.

“Pelosi says this every few months because she means it. She values ‘reasonable’ Republicans as a way to tamp down lefties in her caucus,” Emma Vigeland, formerly with The Young Turks, a far-left news and commentary program, wrote on Twitter. “Without a GOP to work with, who would pump the brakes on meaningful progress that might cut into profits or wealthy pockets… including hers?”

“Just bizarre,” added liberal journalist Oliver Willis.

“Why would anyone support this lmao,” tweeted Jake Flores, host of “Pod Damn America.”

In other remarks, Pelosi talked with the Smith College audience about voting rights, climate change, and combatting misinformation, among other topics, including that she agreed with President Joe Biden’s decision to withdraw from Afghanistan.

Jon Dougherty


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