MSNBC historian says 9/11 ‘heroes’ were ‘saving our democracy,’ just as Democrats are today

During part of a larger MSNBC segment about the legacy of the heroes of 9/11, presidential historian Michael Beschloss sought to needlessly politicize the discussion.

On the eve of the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attack, Beschloss implied, without evidence, that the Republican Party is putting the right to vote — and by extension, democracy itself — at risk.

Sitting in for Brian Williams on The 11th Hour, guest host Chris Jansing was conducting a generally even-handed interview when she asked Beschloss about the importance of preserving these junctures of American history with inspiring, unifying memorials.

That’s when Beschloss seemingly went full conspiracy theorist, which is a phenomenon hardly unknown on that ratings-challenged, liberal channel.

“Because all of us should be able to unite around the idea that we’re saving our democracy. That’s what those people were doing, those heroes on Flight 93, and elsewhere, 20 years ago tomorrow. Our democracy tonight is as much in danger, I think, as it was in 1860 before the Civil War and in 1940 before Pearl Harbor,” he claimed.

“The right to vote is being taken away from people in various states. The legitimacy of elections is being undermined. We could be in a situation where the congressional election next year, in which certain people are elected to Congress who are deprived of taking office, and the same thing even true when a president is elected in 2024. That’s enormously dangerous. We’ve gotta follow in footsteps of those heroes.”

He didn’t explain what he meant by we.

The author, who has a degree from Harvard University and is hosting on a new show on NBC’s Peacock network, apparently was bemoaning election reform laws such as those recently enacted in Georgia and Texas.

“Never let the marking of a dark historical day go to waste, right?,” Newsbusters observed about the partisan-Democrat presumptions.

To Jansing’s credit, she pretty much ignored those agenda-driven comments and re-steered the conversation back to 9/11 itself and seemingly wondered if the country can come back together in the way it was in the immediate aftermath of 9/11.

With more projection, Beschloss lamented those who are profiting from division in the country and politicizing the COVID-19 vaccine, perhaps forgetting which political party is mostly responsible for the same.

Watch the clip embedded below and draw your own conclusions:

Whether it is manifested on MSNBC, CNN, or elsewhere in the political/media landscape, the left in America continues to accuse the right of what the left is actually doing. This includes certain election-law changes, divisiveness, bullying, conspiracy mongering, bigotry, exclusion, and so forth.

To some degree, this is a form of opportunistic play-acting for profit, to use the historian’s word. It’s perhaps reminiscent of the professional wrestling term “kayfabe” before that industry finally admitted that it is sports entertainment.

Last week, a doom-and-gloom MSNBC panel engaged in some over-the-top histrionics about the Texas fetal heartbeat law.

Some Twitter users are reacting to the Beschloss segment:

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