Desperate rancher near Southern border: ‘Dead bodies piling up here. Where’s Joe Biden?’

While dramatic news about Afghanistan and COVID-19 lockdowns has dominated much of the news cycle, ranchers on the US-Mexico border have a front row view of the […]

Taliban paints humiliating murals on former U.S. embassy in Afghanistan. Thanks, Joe Biden.

As President Joe Biden’s catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan comes to an end after 20 years, the Taliban is declaring victory and humiliating him by painting Taliban flags […]

Kinzinger goes off about tribes when a real conservative confronts him about ‘new buddies’

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) was called out by conservatives after he lashed out at the Biden State Department for claiming they have no “reliable means” on the […]

Mom furious after substitute teacher reportedly yanked son in front of class, taped mask to his face

An enraged mother of a fourth-grade student in Las Vegas is demanding that a substitute teacher be fired after she allegedly yanked her nine-year-old son up in […]

Woman cites nursing manual to show giving COVID vax without consent is criminal act

A woman claiming to be a nurse explained in a video clip posted online how she was taught in class that forcing someone to take a vaccine […]

China positions itself as world STEM leader while American schools piddle with pronouns

Watered-down standards for the sake of diversity, equity, and inclusion could lead to the U.S. forfeiting its traditional dominance in the field of mathematics when, at the […]

About 100 Afghan refugees flagged for potential ties to terrorist organizations, NBC reports

The more the Biden administration spins the so-called vetting process of tens of thousands of Afghan refugees, the overwhelming majority of whom did not possess special immigrant […]

Notre Dame coach shocked when ‘execution’ joke gets woke-shamed: ‘Are you people crazy?’

Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly found himself at the center of unwanted attention following Sunday night’s epic college matchup between the Fighting Irish and the Florida […]

‘Return the People’s House back to the people’: Minister sues after 9/11 prayer vigil at Capitol denied

Rev. Patrick Mahoney, an ordained Presbyterian minister, is suing the United States Capitol Police board after he was denied permission to hold a prayer vigil on Capitol […]

New Zealand responds to terrorist stabbings by taking knives off supermarket shelves

In response to a terrorist incident in an Auckland, New Zealand supermarket in which 6 people were stabbed, a supermarket chain said it was removing all knives […]

Football fans across the nation erupt in chants of ‘F**k Joe Biden” in bad omen for the White House

The first full weekend of college football action kicked off over the extended Labor Day holiday and there were ominous signs for embattled President Joe Biden that […]

Tucker Carlson goes after the Pentagon, accuses US military brass of lying for decades

Fox News host Tucker Carlson had some serious accusations to level at the U.S. military for lying about the “illusion of progress” in Afghanistan for nearly two […]

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