CNN guest: Biden needs to create govt. ‘force’ with qualified immunity to oppose Texas abortion law

A new Texas abortion law has Democrats along with the entire political left losing their minds and lashing out in every direction after conservative justices on the U.S. Supreme Court declined to block it from going into effect.

Politicians and their media allies continue to howl in anger after the 5-4 ruling which has reignited calls to pack the court and brought harsh condemnation from President Joe Biden who railed against the SCOTUS decision, calling it an “unprecedented assault on a woman’s constitutional rights” and vowing  a “whole-of-government effort to respond to this decision.”

With the White House mobilizing the federal bureaucracy in an unprecedented assault on states’ rights, one CNN guest has suggested that Biden should create a federal abortion force that could be dispatched to the Lone Star State as a “workaround” to circumvent the new law and provide free services to women seeking to terminate their pregnancies.

Elie Mystal, who plies his trade as the justice correspondent for the far-left publication “The Nation” and who regularly appears on cable news shows, urged Biden to act against what he called a “depraved bounty system” where ordinary citizens are empowered to sue those who participate in abortions.

Mystal responded to a question on CNN’s “New Day” about what Biden could do by insisting that abortion was “broadly popular” and that the president should resort to a dictatorial solution that would also provide a workaround of Congress and the pesky Hyde Amendment that probits the use of federal money for abortions.

“I believe that Joe Biden and the White House has to act,” he said. “Now, as many people have figured out, Texas’ law is quirky, and the quirk is its kind of depraved bounty system which takes the enforcement power of their abortion ban away from the state, so, like, Greg Abbott or Ken Paxton or whoever isn’t out there enforcing the law, and puts it in the hands of private citizens.”

Mystal continued, “Anybody living in the country can sue anybody in Texas for providing or aiding or abetting abortion services, and if they win that lawsuit, they get $10,000. That is a private civil action.”

“That’s the only enforcement mechanism for the Texas law,” he added. “Well, that can cut both ways. And if Democrats are willing to get creative about it, and if Joe Biden is willing to do everything necessary to protect women in Texas, well, guess who has qualified immunity from civil lawsuits? Federal employees.”

“So what Biden needs to do is, via executive order, create a federal force of doctors protected, clothed in the protection of the state, which would protect them through qualified immunity from private civil actions,” he added. “Send them to Texas to counsel and protect women’s privacy rights, and if they want to provide some medical procedures in the course of protecting people’s constitutional rights, they can do that as well.”

Then Mystal suggested that a workaround for the Hyde Amendment would be to “make the abortions free.”

“Abortions, I could argue, should already be free. They’re extremely expensive, and that hurts poor women — preventing them from accessing their rights. So, you could make abortions free, and you could privately fund the doctors,” he said.

As could be expected, Twitter’s reaction wasn’t kind to Mystal.

Mystal previously claimed that the U.S. Constitution is a racist document that was written to support a white supremacist state, a crazed conspiracy theory that has nonetheless gone mainstream and has support from top Democrat leaders, including those in the White House.

The left’s Trump Derangement Syndrome has now mutated into full-blown authoritarianism, enabled by COVID and fueled by a media that routinely act as cheerleaders for extreme measures that would have been unthinkable only a few short years ago.

Chris Donaldson


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