The role of American weakness in the Afghan tragedy

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“Our military strength is a prerequisite to peace, but let it be clear we maintain this strength in the hope it will never be used.” -Ronald Reagan-

Truer words have never been spoken. The keyword in our great 40th president’s quote is “strength”. Afghanistan fell for a myriad of tragic reasons but one of those many was our complete failure to show the Taliban our strength.

There was no fear of repercussion. Instead, our military leaders cared more about “white rage”, proper pronouns, gender surgeries and forced vaccines for our brave military members.

There was no talk of combat readiness or physical preparedness. Instead, military brass was busy making commercials promoting female soldiers with two moms. As if somehow bragging about a lack of household testosterone made you a better soldier. Instead, they wanted to show that they acknowledge that a small minority of people come from a nontraditional family because doing so makes them better people.

All of these woke, virtue-signaling acts from our softer, gentler less effective military show the world stage that America will not police their bad activity. Cuba is free to treat its citizens poorly, China can colonize Taiwan and Hong Kong. Venezuela shall starve its population. We will do nothing, but hey, our officers have non-gender bathrooms and attire to accommodate pregnant people-not pregnant women, as you know the left now thinks that men can give birth.

Liberals care more about men menstruating than women and children dying in Afghanistan. Liberals care more about words and labels than actual people. They are so concerned with trying not to offend anyone that they forget to actually care about anyone.

This is the ultimate act of weakness and cowardice. This is exactly why we are seen as a joke abroad. To regain a position of power and bravery we must stop pretending and start being strong.

If America is such an awful, racist, broken nation, why are people clinging to the outside of airplanes and falling to their deaths to get here? We saw Afghan people flooding the streets, running toward the airport, climbing any structure in a desperate attempt to flee the totalitarianism of the Taliban.

Now, the left wants to relocate every Afghan refugee in the United States!!?? This is confusing, don’t liberals hate America and love Marxism? Therefore, shouldn’t they be pushing for refugees to go to Venezuela or Cuba, not America?

The convenient and false narratives of the liberal elite never work. This is wildly apparent and grossly apparent in times of crisis.

Erin Elmore


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