‘Petty tyrant’: San Diego supervisor confirms angry parent accusations with rude and arrogant response

A marathon meeting of the San Diego County, CA, Board of Supervisors on Tuesday made a cannonball splashdown on the internet that continues to generate headlines and web traffic. Some 170-plus residents of the county showed up to speak on the record to the board, whose handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and machinations of a potential county-wide vaccine mandate have drawn fire and fury from the public.

Many in attendance directed their condemnation at Chairman Nathan Fletcher, with several calling for his immediate resignation. Responding much like the arrogant ‘petty tyrant’ he was accused of being, Fletcher bravely posted a lengthy message (Language Warning) to his Instagram page after the 6+hour meeting, ridiculing his constituents.

KUSI News in San Diego responded to Fletcher in a tweet and posted his Instagram message:

**(Language Warning)

Another San Diego Co. supervisor, Jim Desmond, appeared on Fox News @ Night with anchor Shannon Bream to offer his take. Dormand is seemingly the only Co. supervisor capable of critical thought, as many who spoke at the meeting thanked him for being the sole voice of reason among the supervisors.

He said of Fletcher and the other board members in a tweet:

Desmond went on to explain that people can indeed do their own research, and that it was important to access differing points of view. He stated that it’s obvious and understandable that people are frustrated with rules and regulations that are counter to logic and reason, saying, “We’ve gone from people telling us to ‘flatten the curve’, to now ‘show us your documentation, your vaccine passport papers.'”

The people, he continued, are also frustrated with the Governor and his abuse of power. Shutting down schools, shutting down businesses, mandating masks for children, and now a potential vaccine mandate to abide.

“It’s a culmination of a perfect storm,” he said. “People are getting fed up.”

There is also the problem that thanks to federal government handouts, a lot of people are simply avoiding work, so employers are having a hard enough time trying to fully staff their businesses without the burden of requiring their employees to have a vaccine passport. The medical community as well is not immune to being short-staffed. Some speakers at the board meeting who work in medicine said they have resigned or plan to resign, citing the fact that they have been around COVID patients for a year and a half and have not fallen ill. They say there is no justification for them to get a vaccine.

In closing, Desmond told Bream, “You know, we’ve got to learn to live with this virus and get on with our lives.”

Frank Webster


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