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Black dad passionately denounces CRT, then school board votes to ban it: ‘Let racism die the death it deserves’

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A Colorado Springs father’s speech against critical race theory at a school district’s board meeting is taking the internet by storm.

The black man was clear that America is not a racist nation and that racism would “by and large be dead” if not for liberal institutions “keeping it on life support.” Turns out, his opinion appears to have helped persuade the board to vote to ban CRT.

“I am a direct descendant of the North American slave trade. Both my parents are black. All four of my grandparents are black, all eight of my great-great-grandparents, and all 16 of my great greats. On my mother’s side, my ancestors were enslaved in Alabama. On my father’s side, we were enslaved in Texas,” he said.

“I am not oppressed. I’m not oppressed and I’m not a victim,” the father added — the remark prompting a standing ovation from the other parents in the room.

He proceeds to present a truth that the Democratic Party and their media allies go to great lengths to dispel, which is that, by and large, America is not a racist nation.

“I’m neither oppressed or a victim,” the unidentified man continued. “I travel all across this country of ours and I check into hotels, and I fly commercially, and I walk into retail establishments, and I order food from restaurants. I go wherever I want, whenever I want. I’m treated with kindness, dignity and respect, literally from coast to coast.”

Explaining that he’s a father of three children, the man was emphatic that his children are not oppressed but did agree that they are victims.

“I taught my children that they are victims of three things,” he explained. “Their own ignorance, their own laziness, and their own decision making.”

Turning his focus to critical race theory, the father said his family is not “victims of America,” nor are they victims “of some unseen 190-year-old force that kind of floats around in the ether.”

He said that critical race theory in the classrooms is “taking our nation in the wrong direction.”

“Racism in America would be dead today if not for certain people and institutions keeping it on life support,” he said, drawing applause from the room. “Sadly, one of those institutions is the American education system.”

With a focus on the impact the racial grievance industry is having on children today, his conclusion was spot on.

“I can think of nothing more damaging to a society than to tell a baby born today that she has grievances against another baby born today,” he continued, “simply because of what their ancestors may have done two centuries ago.”

“There’s simply no point in doing that to our children, and putting critical race theory into our classrooms in part does that. Putting critical race theory into our classrooms is not combating racism,” the man closed. “It’s fanning the flames of what little embers are left. I encourage you to support this resolution. Let racism die the death it deserves.”

Naturally, the man was attacked as little more than an Uncle Tom:

At the same time, his message resonated with reasonable folks, as seen in these responses from Twitter:

Tom Tillison


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