Biden mercilessly ridiculed for tone-deaf declaration about prioritizing human rights in foreign policy

President Joe Biden was ridiculed for a particularly tone-deaf tweet on Thursday to commemorate World Humanitarian Day in which he said his administration’s foreign policy focus is protecting “human rights,” even as Taliban fighters kill and punish Afghanis in the wake of his chaotic, deadly pull-out, a crisis that is still unfolding.

“On this World Humanitarian Day, we pay tribute to the humanitarian workers and everyone on the ground – from all walks of life and nationalities – advocating for and delivering life-saving aid to the most vulnerable every day,” Biden said in a statement released by the White House.

“We also reaffirm our commitment to put human rights at the center of our foreign policy – not through endless military deployments, but with our diplomacy, our economic tools, supporting aid workers and organizations, and rallying the world to join us,” he added.

Social media users pounced on the statement as what they see as more proof the president and his administration seem aloof, unaware, and out of touch.

In his statement, Biden went on to say that “more than 235 million people in over 56 countries are in need of humanitarian assistance and protection.”

“Aid workers have responded to historic numbers of people fleeing political repression, persecution, armed conflict, gender-based violence, and natural disasters,” he added.

“Add to that the difficulties of facing down a global pandemic and an accelerating climate crisis. Extreme weather can exacerbate forced displacement globally, and climate-related impacts increase the risk to marginalized communities already displaced by conflict.”

“On this World Humanitarian Day and every day, we stand in solidarity with aid workers and recognize their tremendous service and sacrifice,” Biden continued in conclusion.

“We celebrate their tireless efforts to save lives, preserve human dignity, and alleviate suffering. Their selfless commitment and actions stand as an example to us all. We will also make sure to have their backs as crises and conflicts arise by leading with our diplomacy and our humanitarian aid,” he said.

Meanwhile, carrier-launched U.S. Navy F-18s have begun to patrol over Kabul while U.S. soldiers on the ground at the airport have fired warning shots in the direction of Taliban fighters, the Daily Mail reported.

U.S. transport planes have regularly taken off from the airport but are not evacuating many Americans, the outlet reported.

“Overnight, 12 U.S. Air Force C-17 cargo jets removed 2,000 people from the region – an average of just 160 people per flight, despite the planes being able to carry 600 people – six fewer aircraft than in the previous 24 hours,” said the Daily Mail.

Jon Dougherty


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