Erin Elmore: The ultimate irony – A credit card company calls capitalism racist

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Breaking News: Capitalism is racist! American Express recently hosted Khalil Muhammad, the great-grandson of the Nation of Islam founder, who educated the American Express workforce on the racist nature of capitalism.

Employees were told that capitalism was based on “racist logics and forms of domination” and that they were part of the problem.  This shaming event was part of the American Express ‘anti-racism initiative’. This program requires employees to ‘identify their privileges’, attend training on Critical Race Theory, and address issues such as ‘systemic racism’, ‘white privilege’ and ‘microaggressions.’

In true woke, virtue-signaling fashion, American Express is not doing anything to combat actual racism, they are not conducting a minority hiring initiative or paying off the credit card debt of minority clients. Instead, the credit card giant lambasts its racist employees paying its white male CEO a whopping $24.2 million a year and raking in $31.36 billion in revenue.

Steve Forbes, editor-in-chief of Forbes magazine had harsh words for American Express. In a recent interview, he told Maria Bartiromo of Fox News, “These things have very real consequences . . . and I wonder if AmEx is going to bring in people to talk about the virtues of free markets and how it enables people, as Lincoln put it, to improve their lot in life.”

Divisive diversity training encourages dangerous regressive thinking. Capitalism is not racist, but actually, it provides freedom, independence and supports a lack of government intervention. Wanting to be successful and reaping financial rewards is liberation. The opposite is dependence. Dependence is slavery.

Erin Elmore


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