AOC slammed after video alleges to show her briefly donning mask for outdoor photo-op

Democrats have been criticized by some who have suggested that their fixation on masks is rooted in political theatrics and leave it to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to provide confirmation that is exactly the case.

Only days after the CDC issued revised guidelines on masking due to a rise in cases attributed to the Delta variant, AOC was caught masking up for an outdoor photo op and then quickly taking it off once the mask had served its purpose.

The action went down on Monday during a gathering at the Capitol where she and fellow Green New Deal zealot Senator Ed Markey joined activists to protest the end of the moratorium on evictions, another act in the sideshow following the staged sleep-in by fellow “Squad” member Cori Bush over the weekend.

Unfortunately for Ocasio-Cortez, one camera hadn’t stopped rolling, exposing the fraud.

It didn’t take long for the reaction to hit Twitter where users called out the hypocrisy and unleashed a torrent of mockery on AOC.

She is far from the only Democrat who believes that the “rules are for thee and not for me” when it comes to COVID.

Such mixed messaging isn’t likely going to convince Americans that it is necessary to go back to mask mandates, a volatile and sensitive issue and especially now that school is ready to resume with government officials and teachers unions sending signals that kids will have to be subjected to another year of being forced to wear the stifling face coverings.

Parents are already steaming and when Democrats make a mockery of their own rules it doesn’t set an example of leadership that many will be willing to adhere to.


Chris Donaldson


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