McCarthy jokes about bashing Pelosi with gavel if GOP takes House, vows to hold ‘real investigations’

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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is extremely confident — and justifiably so, according to the data — that Republicans will retake the House in 2022.

He’s so confident, in fact, that he’s already begun fantasizing about the moment when current House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will be forced to relinquish her gavel to him.

During a GOP fundraising dinner Saturday evening in Nashville, he described this fantasy after being handed a giant gavel with the words “Fire Pelosi” on it.

According to Michael Scherer of The Washington Post, McCarthy invited all 1,400 dinner attendees to travel to Washington, D.C., after the 2022 election so that they can witness him retrieving the gavel from her.

It will be hard not to hit her with it, but I will bang it down,” he then said.

It was obviously just a joke, and McCarthy’s real fantasy is to simply bang the gavel down to demonstrate that Republicans have reclaimed power.

Nevertheless, as Scherer’s report went viral, members of the left predictably began accusing the House minority leader of threatening violence.

Keep in mind that these are some of the same sorts of people who praised the psychopath who broke Sen. Rand Paul’s ribs during an assault in 2017, who celebrated journalist Andy Ngo’s assault in 2019 and who frequently “joke” about punching Republicans.


“One of their crazy followers might try to harm Nancy with threatening speech like this,” one of the leftists claimed.

It’s not clear if this same leftist has ever raised similar concerns about the time Pelosi called her Republican colleagues the “enemy within” or the time she smeared federal authorities as “stormtroopers.”

Note also that there’s no example of a deranged conservative opening fire at a congressional baseball game in the hope of killing congressional Republicans.

Note furthermore that McCarthy’s joke was made only days after Pelosi called him a moron. Except she wasn’t joking. She’d meant it.

If Republicans do retake the legislative body, the current House minority leader plans to focus the legislative body’s efforts on the needs of the people first and foremost.

“We’re going to focus on the people. We’re going to stop the trillions of dollars being spent so don’t have inflation,” he said during an appearance Saturday on SirusXM’s “Breitbart News Saturday” radio show.

“We’re going to get people back to work, focusing on small business, not having government compete with them. We’re going to make sure we get back to energy independence. … We’re going to secure our borders. … We will look at any of the fraud and abuse that has gone on. We will have real investigations.”

While he didn’t specifically mention it, the hope is that Republicans will investigate the deadly Black Lives Matter riots of 2020 as well.


Vivek Saxena


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