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Rep. Jim Jordan reveals he spoke with Donald Trump on January 6

JORDAN: I’ve talked to the former president umpteen times, thousands. I mean, not thousands–

BAIER: I mean on January 6th.

JORDAN: I talked to the president. I never talk about what we talk about. I just don’t think that’s appropriate, just like I don’t talk about what happens in Republican conferences. So I talked to the president numerous times. I continue to talk to the president.

BAIER: No, no. I mean on January 6th, congressman?

JORDAN: Yes. I mean I’ve talked the president so many–I can’t remember all the days I have talked to him, but I have certainly talked to the president.

BAIER: And on that day, can you share any of the insight of what he was thinking about that day?

JORDAN: Bret, the people we need to come testify are the people who can testify to the fundamental questions. Why didn’t the United States Capitol – the people’s house – have an appropriate security posture on that day and what have we done? Those are the people we need to hear from. That’s the information and testimony we need to get. That’s what we should focus on.


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