DeSantis challenger puts vagina forward: ‘A white male should never tell a female to wait their turn’

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Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, a far-left Democrat who was elected into her position in 2018, is now pining for Gov. Ron DeSantis’s job, and according to her, she’s outright entitled to it because she possesses a vagina.

“A white male should never tell a female to ‘wait their turn’. We have waited over 100 years. Time for women to lead. #somethingnew,” she tweeted Monday, presumably referencing DeSantis.

There is no record of the governor ever telling her to ‘wait her turn.’

View her ratioed tweet below:

The tweet provoked a flurry of different responses.

Some threw the gender card right back at her: (** Language warning)

Others noted that politics “isn’t a playground” and there are no “turns.” In politics, you either win by performing the best (or cheating), or you lose.

While there’s no record of DeSantis ever telling her to wait her turn, there is a record of him bashing her for doing “nothing” but screech left-wing talking points and waste money on glorifying herself.

“Nikki Fried has done nothing in office. She does nothing. All she does is emote on social media, virtue signal to small-dollar donors in California and New York,” he said after she announced her candidacy early last month.

“She put her face, spent millions of dollars to put her face on every gas pump across this state, purely to boost her own image at your expense as a taxpayer,” he added.

Fact-check: TRUE.

“She’s a lockdown lobbyist. She would have had our kids locked out of school for the entire year. She would have had this business shuttered for the whole year. They would be out of business if Fried were Governor,” he continued.

“She’s opposed us at every turn. All the good stuff we’ve been able to do as Governor, she opposed it. I’ve done more, I think, in my first week as Governor than she has in her entire time as Agriculture Commissioner,” the governor added.

Listen from the 37:22 mark:

There’s a reason why he leads all of his Democrat challengers, including Fried, by a significant margin.

A Political Matrix/Listener Group poll conducted late last month found that 60.9 percent of voters would choose DeSantis if the election were between him and Fried, while only 39.1 percent would choose her.

But despite all the facts being in DeSantis’s favor — including his high favorability rating — Fried is convinced her vagina automatically makes her the one who deserves to be Florida’s next governor.

Vivek Saxena


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