‘Signs of senility’: Brit Hume genuinely alarmed with Biden’s slipping mental state

There is no shortage of gaffes to point to in now-President Joe Biden’s 40-plus years on the taxpayer dole, but his recent confused ramblings seem to be growing both in number and intensity.

Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume and host Brett Baier were nearly at a loss for words on “Special Report” Monday after showing recent and notable clips of the president seemingly slipping in and out of coherence for all to see.

At a recent, poorly attended CNN town hall meeting with Don Lemon, Biden went off the rails and never got back on them when asked by Lemon about a timetable for children under 12 receiving a COVID vaccination.

“The question is whether or not we should be in a position where you, um, are why can’t the – the – the experts say we know that this virus is, in fact, um – uh, it’s going to be, excuse me, we know why all the drugs are not temporarily approved but permanently approved,” he remarked.

(Video: Fox News)

In customary liberal fashion, both Lemon and the president were sure to keep up the political theater, standing six feet apart even though both are ostensibly vaccinated.

“You know, just some answers that the media didn’t make a big deal out of them but made you scratch your head,” Baier remarked.

Added Hume, “Well, that second one you showed there was pretty dramatic. The man obviously had lost his train of thought and couldn’t recover it and stammered around for a little while. These are signs of senility, which is a common thing in elderly people. And Biden, like me, is certainly elderly.”

In a particularly severe departure from reality, when asked by an unidentified journalist “Are there people who— in the Democratic Party, who want to defund the police?”

Biden responded, “Are there people in the Republican Party who think we are sucking the blood out of kids?”

Concerning rising crime, inflation, the border crisis, and an administration drunk on spending money, Hume wondered how anyone, supporter or non-supporter, could not be alarmed and losing optimism in the future of the country under this president. His high approval rating on COVID notwithstanding.

“They see that the president of the United States losing his train of thought and unable to blurt out a coherent answer to a question. I think people find it disturbing and makes them wonder about the future.” Hume contended.

Conservatives rightly support demands for Biden to take a cognitive test as the left demanded of Trump. But unlike Trump, Biden has yet to submit to one.

As well, questions arise concerning invoking the 25th Amendment and compelling the president to resign or be forced out of office.

But conservatives most likely agree that is a dangerous proposition, and that Vice President Harris assuming command of anything would be like jumping from the frying pan into a cauldron of molten lava stirred by the cackling Harris. Not to mention House Speaker Nancy Pelosi chomping at the bit for even more power if and when a Harris administration predictably implodes.

Over the weekend, Hume added a little levity to the question of President Biden’s apparent senility. Responding to a critic, Hume quipped in a tweet, “Madam, I am way too old to be president. So is Joe Biden.”

Frank Webster


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