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Dem TX rep who fled state trolls Republican colleague with Autism about his appearance

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After purportedly fleeing Texas in defense of “voting rights,” State Representative Gene Wu is spending his time tweeting about his breakfast and trolling his Republican colleague.

On Wednesday, he ridiculed fellow State Representative Briscoe Cain (R) after he appeared on One America News Network (OAN) not for his appearance on the conservative network, but for his physical appearance.

Wu likened him to a serial killer.

“Holy S**t. Did you ask OAN to make you look like a serial killer?” he tweeted.

Cain appeared on OAN to discuss the Democrat representatives who fled the state to avoid a vote on election integrity. Appearing on “The Real Story” with host Natalie Harp, Caine explained that he had three Democrats tell him in private before they fled the state that they knew the bill “doesn’t have suppression in it.”

He appeared to be upset that he was called out by Cain for fleeing Texas to avoid a legislative session to deny a quorum ahead of a vote on a voter integrity bill that was expected to pass. The bill seeks to ensure fair and secure elections. This happened after he apparently got bored from posting photos of his chewed-up breakfast in the shape of a smiley face.

***Warning: Language***

Despite being elected as a leader in the Lone Star State, Wu tweeted childish and disrespectful comments that actually undermined his alleged “reason” for fleeing the state in the first place. He didn’t stop there either, later following up with a tweet mocking Cain for wearing western gear.

But lifelong Harris County resident Cain was unfazed by the juvenile attack, tweeting that “it’s an honor to be hated by the liberal media.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has already vowed to arrest the legislators when Wu and his liberal cohorts return but, in the meantime, folks on Twitter eviscerated the Houston representative for dealing such a low blow to his colleague.

Cain has been very open about his struggle with autism and revealed in a speech on the House floor in 2019 during Autism Awareness Month that he has Asperger’s syndrome.

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