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#ArrestTrumpNow trends after PAC creates sinister video to punish him for other people’s sins

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The greatest strength former President Donald Trump possesses is, perhaps, his innate ability to effectively counter the media narrative in America. This, above all other reasons, may explain why he’s so reviled on the left. It also helps explain why Big Tech went to such great lengths to censor him as a sitting president, under the guise of trying to prevent violence.

The left’s reaction to Trump, even today, reaches a level of derangement rarely seen in U.S. politics, and following an appearance on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” where the former president spoke about January 6, Trump-haters were whipped into such a fury that the hashtag #ArrestTrumpNow began trending.

Trump countered the media narrative that the Jan. 6 protest was an insurrection, an orchestrated attempt to overthrow the U.S. government, during a phone-in interview, saying he gave a “mild-mannered speech” that day.

“They were peaceful people, these were great people, the crowd was unbelievable and I mentioned the word ‘love.’ The love in the air, I’ve never seen anything like it,” Trump said of the “Stop the Steal” rally held before the Capitol was stormed.

He said there were over a million people there and also shared that he suggested that 10,000 National Guard troops be brought in as a security precaution and that his idea was ultimately turned down.

In addition to keeping a public focus on who shot unarmed 14-year Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt, Trump referenced video showing, in some cases, Capitol police allowing protesters to enter the Capitol, adding that some of the footage showed a “love-fest” between the protesters and police.

There were such scenes, but there is also footage of protesters violently attacking the police. Whether these were the same groups of people or not is another question.

Steering the political conversation away from the left’s contrived narrative just won’t do and the anti-Trump political action committee Meidas Touch, founded by a group that includes an attorney who represents Colin Kaepernick, shared a heavily doctored video of January 6, to make things appear more sinister than they actually were.

In another tweet, the PAC said, “Donald Trump is a domestic terrorist who must be arrested for inciting the January 6th insurrection.”

Of course, the goal here is to dupe people into contributing to the PAC, so whipping them into a frenzy serves that pursuit.

While it’s easy to dismiss the far-reaching assertion as typical rhetoric from the TDS crowd, keep in mind that the Democrat-led House voted to impeach Trump twice for pretty much nothing.

And make no mistake, tens of millions of America on the left who would revel in the sight of a political opponent, in this case, Trump, being taken into custody for pretty much nothing.

Here’s a quick sampling of these people distorting Trump’s words, or presenting them entirely out of context.

On the other hand, as some social media users notes, there’s a good reason the left is so obsessed with Trump:

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