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Video captures child pulling American flag from yard, tossing on ground as adult looks on approvingly

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Amid the nationwide battle surrounding critical race theory being taught in the classroom, a disturbing new video of a child desecrating the American flag has gone viral on Twitter.

The recording appears to be captured from a residential security camera as the young boy in the video rides by a house on his scooter and attempts to rip an American flag from the ground in someone’s yard. He misses on his first try, but he tries again and successfully rips the flag from the lawn and throws it on the ground before taking off on his scooter.

Perhaps even more disturbing is that the adult woman supervising the young boy simply watched him do this without saying a word. After he throws the flag to the ground, both continue on as though it never happened.

The video has garnered nearly three million views and concerned Americans are sounding off on the disrespectful behavior and the apparent lack of adult discipline at a time when CRT and the future fundamentals of American children’s education is dominating the national conversation.

Celebrities, political pundits and leftist organizations alike have all recently mused that the American flag is a symbol of racism or hatred. While those who are familiar with American history or not completely jaded by rhetoric in the media and online know that this is a contrived narrative, the notion that our nation’s children are being taught to hate this country holds frightening implications for the future.

Many online voiced their concern after watching the video:

The video represents the consequences from recent public rhetoric and CRT curriculum. Albeit it disheartening to watch, a recent Harvard/Harris poll found that the majority of participants, 61 percent, believe that children “should not be taught” that America is “structurally racist.”

That hasn’t stopped the criticisms of the flag from the radical left. Utah’s Black Lives Matter chapter was blasted after they declared that the American flag is a “symbol of hatred” for Black Americans.

Controversial founder of the fundamentally flawed and widely criticized 1619 project, Nikole Hannah Jones, recently  won her battle for tenured professorship at The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill to teach CRT to college students, despite eventually turning down the offer.

Grammy award winning singer Macy Gray recently compared the American flag to the Confederate battle flag, which she said was “crafted as a symbol of opposition to the abolishment of slavery,” and called Old Glory “tattered, dated, divisive, and incorrect.”

The identity of the woman supervising in the video above remains unclear, as does the possibility of there being any consequences.

Kay Apfel


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