‘Prominent’ WH reporter says Dems have ‘much thinner skin,’ expect media ‘to be on their side’

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A “prominent White House reporter” anonymously revealed last week that Democrats tend to be far more thin-skinned than their Republican counterparts.

In response to this revelation going viral Saturday, members of the Democrat base proved the point true to a T by throwing fits on social media.

The bombshell reveal was made to Julia Ioffe, a “journalist” who writes for liberal media outlets and sometimes appears on liberal media networks like MSNBC and CNN.

In the latest edition of her “Tomorrow Will Be Worse” newsletter, Ioffe highlighted the frustration that several anonymous White House reporters feel with the Biden administration and its “controlling” and oversensitive ways.

“Democrats in general have a much thinner skin. This is not unique to Trump but Republicans never expect a fair shake, so if you cover them fairly, you can have a good working relationship with them,” the “prominent” reporter told her.

“Democrats de facto expect you to be on their side and are horrified when you hold them to account as you would any other administration.”

This is easy observable. Democrats are so used to being treated like royal dignitaries by the mainstream press that whenever a real journalist hits them with a genuinely tough question, they frequently lose their temper.

Take House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. When veteran journalist James Rosen of Sinclair posed some tough questions to her in 2019 about then-President Donald Trump’s first impeachment, she lost her cool and called him “Mr. Republican Talking Points”:

To Democrats, it appears EVERY opposing thought, idea or question is a Republican talking point.

According to the “prominent White House reporter” who spoke with Ioffe, this sense of entitlement started with the Obama administration.

“It goes back to the Obama years. [Obama staffers would be] like, ‘Don’t you realize that being a woman is no longer a pre-existing condition?!’ And I would be like, ‘Yes, but I’m writing about why your website keeps crashing,'” the reporter said.

This sense of entitlement also seems to extend to Democrat voters, who’re convinced that journalists are obliged to grant Democrats special treatment.

And so the idea of a “prominent” White House reporter complaining about Democrat behavior enraged them.

Case in point:

Notice how they accused the demonstrably left-wing establishment media of somehow, someway being allied with the right, despite so much evidence to the contrary. There’s a reason that so many so-called “journalists” became stars among the left.

“A whole generation of young reporters had cut their teeth and established their reputations chronicling Trump. Many of the women translating Trump to the bewildered country became mini celebrities of the resistance,” Ioffe admits in her newsletter.

“Some of the men became martyrs—and then leaned all the way in. The older folks made millions writing books that brimmed with sensational and unexpected revelations, like how Trump was an ignorant racist who presided over a violently dysfunctional White House.”

Going back to the angry tweets, also notice how they claimed that former President Trump was treated fairly, despite there being countless times that the media told outright lies about him.

This is how conditioned they are to believe that any attempt, no matter how minor, to hold Democrats accountable is proof that journalists — real journalists, that is — are beholden to the right. It’s a complete distortion of reality.

Another distortion is the belief that Republicans are the mean, controlling ogres. To hear Ioffe tell it, Democrats are the ones who are “extremely controlling.”

“Biden people will nitpick over a clause or an adjective or a highly parsed nuance, which on the whole Trump people didn’t do, one of her own sources told her.

Vivek Saxena


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