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‘NYC woke up today and chose violence’: City Twitter account sparks random beef with Cleveland, Ohio

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New York City and Cleveland, Ohio have become rivals this week as the Big Apple’s official Twitter account took a cheap shot at Cleveland on Friday night.

“A gloomy day in New York City is still better than a sunny day in Cleveland,” the tweet read.

The random shot comes on the heels of an onslaught of issues facing the city that never sleeps, with city dwellers now having to keep their eyes peeled day and night as rapists and shooters are emboldened to commit their atrocities in broad daylight on the streets of New York City.

“NYC woke up today and chose violence,” remarked reporter Andrew Solender, perhaps also recalling the violent antisemitic protests in May where explosives and projectiles were tossed into a crowd. Or maybe thinking of the mob of 6 men that assaulted a police officer late last year while he was on a jog which landed the cop in the hospital.

One person asked, “Did Cleveland break up with NYC or something? This reads like some weird drunk texting NYC needs to be working through on its own.”

“I’d argue the NYC government should invest more in fact-checking election results than throwing shade,” commented another, clearly referencing the vote count snafu in the New York City mayoral primary race where the initial tally included incorrect preliminary vote counts before the board withdrew them hours later.

Even the National Weather Service from Cleveland joined in the dismay over the petty insult dished out by the New York City government official.

But as it turns out, Ohio may have been the one to pick this fight.

JobsOhio, the state’s private nonprofit economic development corporation has initiated a campaign to place billboards all over New York City to attract companies and residents to the Buckeye State which offers significantly lower commercial rent and cost of living.

The playful campaign touts billboards like, “Your buildings are taller. Our taxes are smaller,” “Work from ‘home,’ not ‘overpriced studio apartment,” and”Here’s something for your search bar:  ‘cost of living in Ohio vs NYC.'”

“We just want to make sure Ohio is in the conversation in the consideration of where companies are reconsidering,” JobsOhio managing director Renae Scott said, according to WABC-TV.

With the help of creative agency Madwell, the messages have been posted in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, Chicago, and Austin.

“There’s so much focus on digital media, and this is proof that traditional media, like a billboard, can still be super engaging and fun,” said Madwell creative director Laura Wasson.

While New York City officials may be bitter as they continue to struggle to retain residents and the census confirmed they will lose a seat in the House of Representatives, their loss might just be Ohio’s gain.

Ashley Hill


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