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NYC mayoral race takes Trump-derangement detour until election board admits to voting ‘discrepancies’

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The closely watched New York City mayoral primary race erupted into anarchy Tuesday when the leading candidate, Eric Adams, drew attention to what he thought were voting irregularities in the results.

In response to Adams’ observations, left-wing “journalists” and activists rushed to malign him just like they’d maligned former President Donald Trump after the 2020 presidential election.

However, Adams’ claims turned out to be 100 percent right.

It started that afternoon when the NYC Board of Elections published updated results that included voters’ ranked-choice picks.

In a traditional election, every voter picks one candidate. In NYC’s new ranked-choice system, every voter picked one candidate and then chose a “second place” candidate, a “third place” candidate, and so on. Voters basically ranked the candidates.

Because of the complexity that ranked-choice voting adds, the NYC BOE only had time to count voters’ top picks on the day of the election, June 22. Based on those results, Adams, a former cop who’s pro-police and pro-gun, originally led with a significant margin.

However, Adams’ margin evaporated in the board’s updated results published Tuesday:

Adams’ lead shrunk so much, in fact, that there was a significant chance he might lose the election once absentee ballots were tabulated as well.

Responding to this huge drop in his lead, Adams’ campaign issued a statement claiming there were irregularities in the ranked-choice results.

“The vote total just released by the Board of Elections is 100,000-plus more than the total announced on election night, raising serious questions,” his campaign said in a statement to the press.

This mere observation triggered a spate of backlash from leftist activists and media figures who already resented Adams for his pro-police positions.

Pointing to his statement, they began accusing him of being just like Trump, who during the 2020 election had also raised concerns about irregularities.

Look, and take note of the smug arrogance:

Less than an hour after these blue checkmark elitists maligned Adams, the NYC BOE released a statement confirming that there were, in fact, discrepancies and that it was looking into them.

“We are aware there is a discrepancy in the unofficial RCV round by round elimination report. We are working with our RCV technical staff to identify where the discrepancy occurred. We ask the public, elected officials and candidates to have patience,” the board said.


Another four hours later, the board confirmed that the discrepancies were the result of a massive, massive, massive error.

In a statement, the board explained that prior to the election, it’d used test ballots to test the whole system. The problem, the board continued, is that the test ballots weren’t properly removed from the system after the test. As a result, 135,000 test ballots wound up getting mixed in with real ballots, thus the discrepancy.

In other words, Adams’ observation about the ranked-choice results was 100 percent correct, and his critics were likewise 100 percent wrong.

The BOE concluded its statement by vowing to run the correct results (minus the test ballots) through its system for another count ASAP.


Following the board’s announcement, not a single left-wing “journalist” or activist who’d maligned Adams deleted their false tweets or issued apologies.

This all comes only days after polling data was published showing that, of the world’s 46 top countries, the United States ranks last in media trust.

“The United States ranks last in media trust — at 29% — among 92,000 news consumers surveyed in 46 countries, a report released Wednesday found. That’s worse than Poland, worse than the Philippines, worse than Peru,” the Poynter Institute lamented.

Adams, for his part, did not gloat. Instead, he released a statement calling the board’s error “unfortunate” and vowing that he was looking forward to “accurate, updated” results.

Vivek Saxena


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