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Rocking shades, de Blasio ignores surge in crime to tweet on Big Apples ‘bright’ future

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New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio faced massive ridicule on Twitter after boasting about the city’s future — despite the rising crime and the mass exodus from the Big Apple.

“The future of New York City is so bright I gotta wear shades!” the leftist mayor of New York City tweeted along with a photo of himself in a bright shirt and mirrored shades, only days after voters appeared to reject his radical policies by choosing a more moderate candidate in the next mayoral race.

Brooklyn Borough President and former New York City Police captain Eric Adams, who campaigned on lowering the city’s crime rate, is currently leading the Democratic primary — which will determine the next mayor — although the tally has not been finalized.

Blasio’s tweet was actually his second attempt tweeting on the topic. He first tweeted a similar photo that was later deleted after being mocked over the reflection in his glasses.

The mirrored image suggested he was staring directly at a woman’s T-shirted chest.

“The future isn’t so bright for these kids,” one Twitter user apparently responded linking to an article about a shooting that occurred in broad daylight where a man was killed on the street after the bullets flew right over the heads of two children in the Bronx. “But for a pompous blowhard like you, I’m sure it’s great.”

But this is far from the only terror in the streets of New York. Crime in the city has skyrocketed in the past year with some painting the picture as outright doom. And it seems they are right.

Some reacted to point out just how bad the day-to-day conditions are in New York City.

Another recalled how bad the COVID-19 lockdowns were.

Last month was no better in New York City, when explosives were hurled into a crowd of people after a ceasefire was called in the Middle East. The anti-Semitic violence targeted a district with many Jewish-owned businesses and numerous vehicles wound through the area as they waved their Palestinian flags and shouted anti-Semitic slurs.

This week, surveillance footage showed a man vandalizing a George Floyd statue that had been unveiled less than a week prior just in time for the Juneteeth celebration on June 19.

Not only is violence up, but people are reacting to the sad state of affairs by moving out of the state – in droves.  In fact, so many people have relocated to other states that New York, along with six other states will lose a seat in the House of Representatives.

However, not everyone was a pessimist about the Mayor’s outlook and some shared his optimistic views of the future, perhaps for different reasons.

Ashley Hill


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